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  • Can I request gas my own cars air con
  • As above, if so what do I need?


    The refrigerant gases used in HVACR systems can be astonishingly powerful contributants to climate change. They are not all intercompatible. Old gases can (should) be reclaimed. Car systems shouldn’t leak significantly.

    I think you can buy DIY recharge kits?

    go to a professional. It can be surprisingly fairly priced. Ring around, especially the mobile guys.

    If your aircon is not working then you’ll likely already have lost the refrigerant already.

    A common cause of refrigerant loss is a damaged condenser: holes from stones being thrown up from the road. Professionals will check the system, regas, check for leaks and leave you with a properly gassed, lubed and set system. If your condenser is damaged then they may offer a better price and speed for replacement than a dealer.

    Or, you could just leave it, open the window and enjoy the warmth. After this warm spell you won’t need your aircon again until you need to demist the windows in, ooh, September?

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    Can I request gas my own cars air con

    Yes you can but….

    Your air con is designed to run with a specific amount of gas. It’s a closed loop & there’s no reservoir, so the quantity of circulating refrigerant is critical. Too little & it won’t cool properly, too much & you may break something. 10% either way & I can guarantee it wont run efficiently. Relying on the gauge on the top up can is not adequate. If there’s a fault with your ac the “low side” pressure where you’ll be injecting the gas may not reflect how much refrigerant is circulating.

    Halfords use a fully automated Tecalemit ac service machine. They’ll look up the quantity of refrigerant & compressor oil required & the machine will do the rest. (Probably the quantity of gas will be printed on a sticker on your slam panel next to the bonnet latch) If your system’s leaking badly this will be revealed during the vacuum test by the machine. If there are any small leaks the gas may well just piss away subsequently over a period of days or weeks.

    Personally, I’d avoid using a recharge can & get someone with the correct tools to the job. It’ll probably save you money in the long run.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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