Can I reduce the travel on any Revelation fork?

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  • Can I reduce the travel on any Revelation fork?
  • I need some 140mm forks, and revelation are on the top of the list, but they’re all 150mm this year by the looks of things.

    1) Can I reduce the travel by 10mm or is it just a 20mm increment?
    2) Can I do this to any revelation, or are some models different (E.g. the dual position air ones?)
    3) Anyone seen any good deals? I’m probably after the RLT or RCT3 version.

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    Not sure about the Dual Position Rev’s but the Dual Air can be adjusted down to 140mm. I have a set and I’m hoping to get it done in the next couple of months.

    I think 18bikes in Hope do it, if like me you’re not the most mechanically able person.

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    Dual position I don’t know about, but all the other ones will space down, all you have to do is find the all-travel spacer of your choice.

    Got the RLs very cheap on Merlin, and spaced them down to 140 for my Soul. 2 10mm spacers included with the fork, so you can go 140 or 130, and it really is an easy job.

    RCT3 & RLT were on offer too, although I didn’t see the point, as the added adjustments are stuff I’d never use.

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    Just done as honourablegeorge. Got a handy mate to help me out with adding 20mm of spacers for my pipedream, but it wasn’t very difficult if done methodically.

    I know my way around Pikes (which are pretty similar internally), so I have no problem doing this myself, but I’d still like to know if it’s possible on the dual-position Revs. I suspect it will be, if only by increasing the -ve vs +ve pressures. Anyone know for sure?

    HG – I think you might have just saved me £40 – I thought I needed the RLTs for the blackbox /DNA damping but apparently it’s just external adjustment which isn’t worth paying more for IMO.

    I’ve just bought some Revelation Dual Air RCT3s from Merlin – as a heads up I paid £314 after the extra 10% discount which strikes me as an amazing deal – RRP £599.

    Anyway, to adjust the travel from 150 down to 140, what is the best way to proceed? Use the (hopefully included) 10mm spacer or should I forget about dismantling them and just stick a bit more negative air in?

    P.S. Do I need to re-lube them from the outset or do they come with enough oil in them these days?


    RLTs come with two spacers not sure what size they are. Got them in the garage could check.

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    I’d go down the route of the spacer rather than more -ve air, it will suck the fork down and in my oppion from my RLT’s it seems to make them less responsive.

    Sram site has loads of tech info for you. Page 14 of the above link shows you where to put the spacers.

    Sram often post youtube vids on servicing stuff so they may have something over there if you do a search.

    My 2011 RLT’s from merlin came with spacers

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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