Can i get "race fit" commuting?

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  • Can i get "race fit" commuting?
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    Interval training all the way home!!

    The simple way is just to ride it as fast as you can as often as you can. If you feel utterly shagged the next day maybe give it a miss or at least take it easy but otherwise make every commute as close to race pace as you can handle.

    There are more scientific methods, but initially start simple until you get to the point that you’re not making sufficient gains anymore then complicate your life with intervals and wotnot.



    (i.e try to beat your PB each ride…)


    you can but itll need to be part of a bigger picture.

    11 miles daily alone wont get you winning races but youll be reasonably quick over 20-30 miles 😉

    OK, so i’ve had a few crack at some cat-4 road races and realised i need to get fitter.

    I’ve got a 11 mile (one-way) commute through the countryside. Theres not much traffic, hardly any junctions and no traffic lights.

    So whats the best way to use this to get fit for racing?

    I can extend it occasionaly in the evenings, but the idea is to not take much time out the rest of the day.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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