Can I fit a Fox RP23 DRCV to a 2008 Carbon Trek Fuel 9 – New Evo Link?

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  • Can I fit a Fox RP23 DRCV to a 2008 Carbon Trek Fuel 9 – New Evo Link?
  • Skyline-GTR

    The EVO link on current models appears to be positioned lower on the frame to accomodate the gimble mount on the DCRV shock.
    So on sight alone, I’d say it’s not possible.
    but it’s worth a phone call to Trek UK or maybe Mojo on 01633615815 to geta more informed opinion.


    I have a Carbon Trek Fuel 9 (2008) that requires a new shock.

    I have aquired a trek specific RP23 DRCV shock with the mid mount eylets

    As the original shock was a bolt through top eyelet shock I would like to know if I can use the new shock by buying a new Evo link?

    Any advice appreciated…… 😀


    I askwed this question in my lbs on Wednesday. 2009 EX9.. They spoke to trek uk and the answer is no. both the 2008/09 mag rocker is different to rocker fitted to the 10/11 models with the DCRV shocks. Early rockers have a through bolt for the shock to be attached to,DRCV rockers are designed for the allen key bolts to screw into the shock.

    Aslo differences in the frame geometry for mounts etc.


    Thanks Gents.


    Hey, I’ve been looking to do this to my ’08 Remedy. I have a new DRCV shock ready to go then thought I was out of luck when first I met a guy that did in fact do this to his Fuel EX. He did encounter the same “no’s” from Trek then finally he met the right mechanic and verified it is possible! He had to do a few other small adjustments but it’s all working now.
    I called Trek on this as well, even a couple shops made the call only to get the same answer of “can’t be done”…it’s my theory they tell you this either so the consumer buys the newest stuff and/or because replacing the link voids the warranty.
    So this past weekend while on a bike trip I met a mechanic at a Trek shop and he was my key—he verified it CAN be done. He even found out 2 days later he could get me the new link i needed. From what I can tell the only difference is how the shock mounts to the new EVO link.

    On another forum a guy discussed how he did the OPPOSITE….added a coil to a newer frame so he swapped for the older link. He’s said different bearings are needed and he’s supposed to send me the info, but we’ll see.
    I’m just trying to find out if the change is worthwhile…I blow through the travel of my RP2 and it sounds like the DRCV slows the travel a bit, but then I read a couple reviews of people saying the shock isn’t so great. Sooo….do I invest in stuff for a shock that isn’t really worth it or jus skip the idea or is the shock worth the hassle?
    I love my Remedy and if i can make it better I’ll do it!


    Hey glassguy, were you able to instal the DRCV shock in your remedy? Was it worth it? I am considering this option; it would be great to have your feedback.

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