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  • Can I fit 24" wheels to a 26" frame ?
  • b r

    I put 24″ wheels on an Identiti DrJekyll for my son when he was smaller, now on 26″ wheels.

    Worked fine.


    That sounds promising, will have a search to see who has 24″ q/r disc wheels

    Premier Icon iain1775

    Lower BB and possible pedal strikes on ground?
    as well as the wheels you might want to consider swopping crank arms for something shorter than the stock ones
    Should be a decent amount of 24″ disc wheels around, lots of jump bikes have 24″ wheels. Halo? Try pink bike classifieds


    I struggled to find any reasonable – it was cheaper to get a smaller frame!
    Both my girls now have 13″ frames with 26″ wheels


    My son wants a decent bike but even the 15″ frame models are a bit too big.
    I have the chance of an as new Specialized Hardrock sport disc nearby at a great price and would like to know if I got a pair of 24″ disc wheels would they fit on directly so he could be more confident on it until he fitted the 26″ wheels.

    24″ disc models are hard to find, would not last him that long and are pricey.

    Thanks for any advice.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Spesh do a 13″ Hotrock…I picked one up for my lad…

    IMAG0109 by pten2106, on Flickr

    But inside leg measurement aside, it’s just still too much bike for him to handle. Ended up getting him a 24″ version. Just need to rebuild his front wheel onto a disc hub, & he will have a front disc brake (BB5 to keep the same lever), & rigid Exotic fork.

    And ditto the not being able to get decent lightweight 24″ rims, seems to be all beefy jump bike kit.

    There’a a Dr Jeckyl on 24″‘s sat in my shed not doing a great deal. Where are you based?

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    My youngest is still on a frame with 24″ wheels – shortish cranks so the low BB is no issue

    wheels are heavy though. I’m guessing there’s an extra 2-3 pounds at least, compared to even low-rent “xc” wheels

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    You can put 24″ wheels in any 26″ frame fork if you are using discs, did that yonks ago on a trailstar and nobody died. I reckon its a good idea just until he’s big enough for 26″ then swap wheels, 2 bikes in one…


    My mate ran 24 inch wheels on his Orange Msisle with 170mm front Shermans… Ok it was a play/ jump bike, fast as anything off the mark and stopped on a pin with Hope 6 pots..

    ps — he was 24 years of age.. LOL ..

    Premier Icon kayak23

    24″ on my Mongoose

    24″ on my DMR sidekick

    24″ on my Dr Jekyll

    In short, yes.


    24inch wheels on a 13inch Kona 120 supreme (FS 26inch wheel frame). All parts came off 24inch hard tail ( including 165 mm cranks) added old marzocchi 100mm forks. Seemed to work well for 12 yr old. As he grows 26inch wheels will go on.


    I am near Newcastle, seems to be good and bad points about this.
    The two bikes out of one appeals, first using 24″ wheels then 26″ in time but the reach to the bars may still be too big.
    He is only 9 and is 52″ tall so not big.

    What I was trying to do was get front and rear discs without spending a fortune, thing is that his 13 year old brother just bought a lovely used Marin that is as clean as new so the little un wants a mint one as well !

    I’ve been planning on doing this for juniors next bike, slowly been collecting bits and pieces, and I will have a lot of stuff I put on his 20″ wheel bike that will go on too. I figured early on that I could pass down some bits and pieces and they can last over several bikes – but I don’t mind building wheels up

    Just need a good frame now

    Edric 64

    Are we about to get 24 inch wheels are the new 29er thread ? 😆

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    As said before the biggest problem with 24″ rims is that they are all mega heavy double wall DH/jumping items. It does make the little bikes heavy.


    If you want lighter 24″ rims, Chain Reaction has the 460g 2011 Octane One Solar 31 at £17.

    Dartmoor Raiders are 500g.

    As far as tyres go, Schwalbe 24″ Rocket Rons are 445g, apparently (and having just bought some, cheapest on Amazon at the mo!).

    And yes, 24″ is the new sweet wheel size!

    Chain reaction have some light solar one rims that look like they might do a job if you don’t mind building a wheel up


    Would these work, don’t know what mtn tyres are ?

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