Can I adapt my 1997 P7 to run discs?

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  • Can I adapt my 1997 P7 to run discs?
  • Mackem

    I really think just a front disk and a V on the back is enough.


    A2Z disk adaptor?

    I want to run discs on my 1997 Orange P7 – anyone suggest a bodge?

    I really don't want to fork out £450 for a new frame…



    Crikey £50 to weld a disc mount on not including the mount!

    where in the country are you ? I had a mount welded onto an aluminium frame a few years ago at Chris Marshall cycles in Keighley (yorkshire) for £45 including the mount from Hope this included heat treating too, it can't have gone up by much if you're near give him a call 01535691073.


    If you do get it done, also get a brace between the stays put in, a couple of mates had disc mounts fitted to early P7 frames not designed for them and eventually the seatstays folded.

    Anyone know of a frame builder in Sussex/South East that can weld a disc brake mount/brace on?


    I asked Orange about this and they said welding something onto the frame would weaken it as it has been heat treated or something. A2z adapters don't fit say woollyhat shop- the only other option was a woodman disco, which uses the existing brake post and dropout. very expensive. A nice set of v brakes do a pretty good job tho

    Other alternative is the old style Hope universal caliper that bolts into the dropout with a hollow bolt

    It then runs a torque arm up to the brake boss. It only runs a 155mm disc but I used it on my X2 then P7. Works best with a Hope hub because it needs a modified axle.

    Have it all sitting in the garage if you're interested.


    Thanks for the help but think I might use it as an excuse to buy a new P7…

    Anyone got a 21" P7 for sale?!?


    There's a 20" one on classified at the moment I think.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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