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  • can better q/r stop wheelflex??
  • renton
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    im using a set of mavic crossrides which i think are good wheels .

    however i get a bit f flex i think at the hub and was wondering if better q/r skewers could possibly solve it??

    currently using a real old shimano one!! which is slighty bent!!

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    It would stiffen the fork up. Think of a 20 or 15mm thru axle. Increase the axle stiffness, increase the overall stiffness. So I'm guessing an old bent shimano qr might not be that stiff.

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    New forks with an OS axle and converted hub would….a different QR is unlikely to. The QR skewer only serves to clamp the wheel, the stiffness is defined by the properties of the end caps (which effectively are the acting axle) rather than the skewer itself.

    If it's knackered though, it can't help! 😉

    <Sits back and waits to be well and truly shot down in flames>

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    i doubt it would change anything perceivable. i've got some shit qr's but you cant tell difference in stiffness.
    also shimano are considered to be decent, my xt's certainly are, as are my mavics

    a bent qr wont do though..

    i should add that i can detect wheel flex in my 717 on xc hubs, probably could do with tightening up and trueing as they are soo old now

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    I have crossrides that I use as winter wheels and have found the same problem. They are fine on my 160mm disc XC bike but dont really like 185mm+ discs as the front hub does flex.

    These are XC wheels and are kinda light so they are not designed to be abused by agressive XC or to be used on large rotors.

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