Can anyone recommend a nightclub in Brighton?

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  • Can anyone recommend a nightclub in Brighton?
  • I’m organising a stag do for 20 blokes in April and we’re looking for a good club to head to on the sat night. I’m a Somerset lad so have no idea about clubs in Brighton. Can anyone help.
    We’re not looking for your typical cheesy Stag rubbish, I’d like to think we’ve got a little more refined in our later years!!
    I’m thinking Funk, disco stuff if it helps.

    Cheers everyone.


    Blue oyster bar – right up your …… street ?? 🙄


    Funky buddha bar…


    Premier Icon wwaswas

    actually, no. ignore me


    Golden Rivet ?

    No to the Blue Oyster Bar. There’ll only be one bloke getting bummed, and we can manage that thanks! 😉

    Funky Buddha bar, ill check it out.
    Cheers guys.


    Where ever you go you will need to split up. The don’t like big groups of blokes down in Brighton. Regardless of what you may have heard about the town.

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    If the Zap club under the arches is still going head there


    Oceana – yes its a bit tacky, full of students and ultimately a bit crap – but I’ve been to two pretty good stag nights in Brigton that ended in Oceana.
    If you pre-book they will cater for hen/stag nights.

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    If the Zap club under the arches is still going

    not for a good few years!

    Seen bands at a few good spots that do club nights.

    The Haunt

    Won’t bother with the links as they are all easily googleable (I made that word up)
    I think Digital is where the Zap used to be.
    Upstairs at Audio and Digital are prob your best bets.

    Brighton is not Stag friendly in anyway you will be disappointed…

    Birmingham is ace for stag parties

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    Brighton actively discourages stag do’s. You might find you get there and you can’t all get in to the same place. I have heard that you can pre book Oceana but you won’t get 20 lads in anywhere else in Brighton. (yeh yeh, fnarr fnarr)

    I had this in Bristol, the best man hadn’t pre booked, it was cold we couldn’t get in anywhere, NOT a great night.


    You’ll get a hard time in Brighton on a stag, be prepared.

    Try the Buldog tavern, legends or revenge ( maybe only Thursdays though), that’s if they’ll let you in…. 😈

    Oh Bollocks.
    This isnt sounding great is it!
    I guess we’ll have to go black ops style.

    Cheers everyone.


    PS – just in case you take him seriously, don’t go to the Bulldog Tavern. It’s as aggressively gay as it gets!
    20 lads – you will have real problems …

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