Can anyone recommend a good mini-pump for the road bike?

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  • Can anyone recommend a good mini-pump for the road bike?
  • I know I know – go ask on a roadie forum. Just thought I’d ask the knowledge here first.

    Something for about £20 quid preferably. Would rather a mini over a frame fit, and defo function over form.



    I just take a co2 thingy and a tube. Luckily i’ve not needed to use either yet in all the time i’ve been a roadie (1 month!)


    Topeak Morph range seem to be the best range of minipumps and will pump to a reasonably high pressure but why would you want a mini pump on a roadbike?

    I’d get the smallest size HP-X (You may need to fit a a pump clip if your frame’s large)


    Just get a decent minipump and rely on CO2….


    oxnop – I foresee a long cold walk home in your near future. 😉

    The lezyne mini high pressure works fine. and i know this will come as a shock to many but it even works on MTB tubes!! can you imagine?!
    one pump to rule them all


    plant x carbon pump co2 is excellent!!


    2nd lezyne….got the fatter one for ma fatter bike an all.Quality kit.

    Steve A – Been looking at Lezyne ones – seema dazzling range on Wiggle – can’t seem to work out the pro’s and cons of them all!!

    There seem to be some plastic ones at a reasonable price.

    Which model is yours exactly.

    I’d rather it be the size I can stick in my jersey. CO2 is for lazy sods.


    + 1 for the Turbo Topeak. They do a road version which is superslim and hides nicely on my seattube

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    I use a Specialized Air tool –

    Not a mini, but skinny enough and clips onto a bottle cage mount.
    Certainly does the pumping job ok to 80+psi. (although you need threaded valves with the nut holding them in place)

    I got this one

    It works for me. small enough to put in your pocket, with enough oomph to put 100psi in your tyres without causing a hernia.


    Tescos ave em for about £1.50. And buy 2 get one free.

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    Specialized Air Tool Road. Not a mini pump but does the job. The last four club runs I’ve been on have seen people faffing about in the rain with various mini pumps before having to get a proper pump to do the job. This one also has patches and a tyre boot in the handle.


    blackburn airstick is small and effective in getting up to a decent pressure reasonably quickly

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    This one also has patches and a tyre boot in the handle.

    Ooh yeah! I forgot about that!


    Topeak Road/Mini morph. Gets to 100+ psi quite comfortably and quickly.


    Another vote for leyzene here.
    Edit to add that you’ll appreciate the oldschool design with the flexible pipe if you’ve ever snapped a a valve miles from home with an all in one pump. I was recommended it for touring and the very slight weight penalty is well worth it.


    +1 Lezyne here too


    Zefal HPX ftw, once you’ve tried one nothing else will do.

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    Topeak Mini-Morph here too, works well on both MTB and road. It’s one of very few mini-pumps I’ve found that a) does the job it’s supposed to do and b) doesn’t break after a month.

    Lezyne, definitely. The hose attachment means you dont have to worry about ripping the valve or valves core out of a tube when you are pounding on the pump to get the pressure as high as your arm will take it


    The Morphs do a great job, basically a mini track pump. Mine doesnt fit my frame to well though?
    Just use Co2 rock ard in seconds.
    I recommended the newcommers in the road club practice their drills, I reckon most would manage 30 PSI with the junk theyve been sold.

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    I’ve also got a Lezyne Road Drive.

    The design is excellent, the reality less so:

    It only comes with a presta fit hose, so I had to buy the multi fit hose, which cost £16.00! The new hose does come with a gauge, though how to read the gauge is unclear (which bit of the red rubber bung indicates the pressure? Does anyone know?)

    In use, the whole pump gets extremely hot – enough to be uncomfortable without gloves.
    The heat also causes the screw of the hose to expand and seize to the pump, causing the bottom cap of the pump itself and all the component parts of the hose to unscrew and become detatched when you attempt to remove the hose.

    Loctite (and remembering to not overtighten the hose/pump connection) has partially cured the problem, but this should have been addressed at the factory.

    Great idea, terrible excecution.


    Got the Lezyne Road Drive attached to my down tube of my Allez – brilliant pump.

    For Presta valves (which all road bikes have AFAIK) it MUST have an “old style” flexi tube NOT push on – push ons are useless on deepish rims and snap valve cores off when you remove them – possibly THE most annoying thing ever when you’ve just spend ages pumping a tyre up to 100PSI!


    Just a done a little test.
    Using a Road Morph, 110 pumps in 1 minute 20 seconds got me to 110 PSI.
    That’s not racing against the clock, just how I’d do it normally.
    At 90PSI even the Morph is hard to keep still and pump, I’d like to see a tiny hand held working at 90PSI plus.
    Tested it afterward with a track pump, it was spot on. Getting the pressure from 110 to 130 was quite a push with a track pump.
    Still I use Co2. Cheap off Ebay and packs away nicely.

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