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  • Can anyone recommend a free website design program?
  • coffeeking

    Tons, but you need to know more about the site you want to build before specifying the software to make it.


    I need to build a simple website – are there any free (simple) tools out there to help me do it?


    Okay, well it's going to be a website for a company offering classes. It doesn't need to be complicated – just a few sections detailing the timetable and details, some photos and a section to get in touch with me.

    Any suggestions of specific programs?


    Don't know of any decent free ones, but most paid for software offers a free trial which should be long enough to do what you want.
    Try Apple iWeb or Adobe Dreamweaver.


    So it's a static site and probably doesn't need to include on-site payment handling? You can easily make do with something like seamonkey or coffeecup then. Then if you need something more you could spend a few quid and get something simpler. As mentioned above though, you could try a trial edition of one of the biggies, but remember the trials dont usually cover commercial use.

    The linux geek in me wants to say "just use a text editor", but thats a bit mean.

    You could try Joomla. Most ISP's offer it as an install option. There's lots of plugins to over complicate the issue, but for basic use you just pick a theme you like and type the articles.

    nVu is free, and does pretty much everything you'd need.

    This site tells you how to use it.

    I got a book called "Create your own website in a weekend" for about £5 from a remainder shop and made this, although, admittedly, it took a lot more than one weekend and I later picked up another cheap book on HTML.
    There's a few good HTML tutor websites around for free now, so you don't even need to buy a book.
    One of the best tricks I learned was to right click on a page and "View Source". This will show you the HTML code for that page. Pick a simple website that is something like what you want and us it as a template.


    thanks everyone.
    coffeeking, yes just a static site and payment handling won't be needed. Will those programs you mentioned be able to provide a "Contact" section?

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    I have had good luck with Moonfruit. Their templates are quite attractive, and easy to edit.


    argh – I was trying to be helpful and explain as I have just gone through this but I was making it more complicated and confusing.

    Google three things:

    using blog as template for website

    using free website templates

    using Kompozer to make own website

    The contact system can be as simple as displaying your email address – most browsers will take you to an email client if you clicked on it.

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