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  • Can anyone help me with a PDF of a Classic MBR Route – Elan Valley
  • bikeneil
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    I’m sure i had a copy of this route from the mag but i can’t find it. I’ve tried to buy a copy but the webpage isn’t working.

    I know it’s a long shot but i don’t suppose anyone has a PDF copy of this route that they could email me? I’m planning a day there on Sunday.

    This is the route:

    Thank you.

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    this? or here

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    The first link are Garmin files, and the second one is similar (and plan b), but i did the MBR route some years ago and i’d like to do that same route again.

    Thanks for your help though.

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    Well I’ve just had a root through the several hundred MBR and Total Bike(!) routes I’ve meticulously* filed away for posterity.

    For some reason, I don’t have as many Mid Wales routes as I remember. I suspect they’re long-lost in a plastic wallet in an old spare wheel well or lay-by somewhere, I’m afraid.

    Also, those I do have don’t have dates on them.
    2008 is probably pushing it though, as most of my filing was done pre-kids.
    Having said that, the hills haven’t changed much and there are two very similar routes 24mi and 25mi from TB and MBR respectively.

    It leaves Rhayader and heads NW before heading South between Garreg-Ddu and Caban-Coch reservoirs. It then heads to the Eastern tip of another reservoir (name not visible on the prints) and then back up E side of Caban-Coch, E of Elan village and back to Rhayader.

    Let me know if this sounds about right and I’ll scan for you in the morning and mail onwards if you give me your email address.

    *By ‘meticulously’, I really mean ‘randomly piled in a folder’ and untouched for the best part of a decade

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    Not the route I would choose, but its something like this I think:

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    Think this is one of mine. Can let you have word doc, map or gpx files if it helps?

    My details are on my profile…

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    Thank you for all the help. Some very kind chap has emailed me a pdf so I’m all sorted. Just got to hope for brilliant sunshine and dusty trails now…

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