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  • Can a Chain guide help Chainsuck?
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    I did wonder if those Shimano new rear mechs with the clutches would stop chainsuck as they prevent the mech rotating forwards under chain load?

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    I reckon my Bionicon V2 helped it on my 456.

    Worth a punt as it also stopped the chain from dropping or slapping about.


    I’ve read everything there is out there on chainsuck. I’ve got new chainrings, chain, cassette and rear mech all XTR. Gently bedded in with recomended lube. Chain line appears bang on to manufacturers guidelines. My Cove Hummer regularly gets chainsuck when it picks up a wee bit of bud, always shifting middle to granny. To be fair it may happen on my other bikes but doesn’t jam cuz of chainstay clearance, but on the hummer chainstay clearance is tight and jams up easily. But its the best riding hardtail i’ve tried and really wanna keep it. So my question is would any of the chain guides designed to keep chain from derailing prevent it getting sucked up into chainstay, even if lower roller is positioned above chain…?

    Good suggestions lads, wasn’t aware of either the clutch upgrade or the Bionicon V2, so will consider giving them both a go. Failing that I’m considering a chain stay modification with a ti tube expert since more recent Cove Hummers have a slimmed down chainstay to prevent jamming.


    Get a blackspire stinger and mount the chain on it the wrong way round.

    So that the roller would be above the bottom part of chain right? Have you tried it? It does look like it may offer a more substantial solution to several of the anti chain suck devices which seam to fail under higher loads



    Out of interest, did you look into the cost of the alteration by a Ti specialist as I was considering this route although after contacting Cove they stated the warranty would be void if done.

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