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  • I have no idea what it’s like but I pass one in Newton St Loe a lot. Think it might be a bit caravanny maybe? It’s around 15 – 30 mins (depending on traffic) from there to the centre.


    I think that is newton mill campsite Darcy, the only other I can think of is at bath marina, not sure if it takes tents though. The marina site is very close to newbridge park and ride so handy for the city.

    Cheddar is probably too far out but have stayed at a site there that would be OK.

    Yeah, they are thin on the ground. I lived there for 7 years and can’t actually think if one

    Ah shoot eskay, that’s the one – well spotted. Apologies to the OP if he’s been searching for one in Newton St Loe (just up the hill from there.) 🙂

    Just checked on It’s true y’know, there aren’t many around. There’s one in the Chew Valley which is a nice oar of the world, but stretching the 30 mins to Bath limit.

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    I’ve ridden past this a couple of times ‘Pitchperfect Campin’ near Wolverton southeast of Bath.
    A nice bike ride in through the Two Tunnels.


    If you fancy a ride when you are in bath give me a shout (road or MTB).


    30 mins drive from my friends campsite up the lane from me.
    It’s a really really nice site. Some good riding close by.

    Looking for a decent campsite near bath. Well within about 30 mins drive of bath. It needs to have showers


    I stayed at a campsite that was pretty much in Bath itself off a few backstreets, was a few years back 07 but was a lovely site. Name escapes me, I was there for the Triathlon. Will try get more details for you.

    We’ve stayed at the Newton Mill site before. It was quite a while back but it is a decent site. Easy enough to get to town.

    Well having checked the weather forcast for Sunday and Monday we’ve decided to get a hotel. They won’t have chance to dry their tents before their ferry to france so we looked on airbnb and found a room for not much more then the campsite cost. I’ll just sleep in the back of my van.

    Thanks anyway, and eskay, not this time but next time I’m in Bath I’ll give you a shout and see if you are free.

    Hopefully I’ll be moving their after Christmas and buying my first house there!

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