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  • campsite recommendations please- Lowestoft area
  • as above, we are thinking of having a scoot over to that area in july, with the tent.

    the quieter the better!

    any good sites round there?




    There should be loads up actually on the coast near the old Birdseye factory, but check first.

    If memory serves, there is another one further north (short walk to town) just back from the beach. i can’t for the life of me remember the name of it though.

    This information brought to you courtesy of many-a-summer spent in grandparent caravan up there.


    i’ve got a good guide book with some nice camping spots in, i’ll take a look when i get home.

    Willard/Flatboy – thanks very much!

    I live there. The old one by Birdseye is shut down now. Best bet would be looking at Cherry Tree Farm or any of the sites around Borough Castle. A lot nicer than Hemsby or any on the coast which will be bloody busy in July


    They should pay me a commision the amount of times I post this link to The camping version of STW

    i thought was the stw of camping

    as for op if you dont need to be in lowestoft then good campsites at southwold harbour, minsmere nature reserve,clippesby hall all with miles of not very challenging but traffic free riding straight off site but they do book up


    Rose Farm is in the area. There are a quite a few hidey hi kind of camp grounds in that area and if that is your scene, then coolio, but I found Rose Farm was nice and quite and surrounded by countryside. Very nice. I was working in Yarmouth at the time and camping during the summer was sooo much nicer than a nasty B&B in yarmouth town….sivver….. Some OK road riding on quite country lanes too.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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