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  • unfitgeezer

    Due to the boss winning the summer holiday decision this year and putting her foot down, we sadly won’t be camping for two weeks on the continent as we have for the last three years.
    Sadly we’re off to Cannes this year for two weeks, apartment with pool…i’ll be sooooo bored !

    So I get to choose the last week of August decision which we always go camping Northumberland has been mentioned ?

    Near a beach or 20 mins drive is fine, we’d need elec. hookup for the camper van ( hair dryers)

    its gonna take 2 days driving to get there(stop in Leeds bro and sister) or one long day as we’re 300 miles away down south and in a 32 year old camper van that doesn’t go over 60mph I’m not doing that distance in one day !

    Recommendations please…

    Massive thanks in advance

    Nowhere, It’s crap, go to Cornwall.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Waren Mill.

    Budle Bay.

    Proctor Stead

    Dunstan Hill

    I’ve no idea if they have electric.

    Drac…be quiet. 😉

    We stayed at Dunstan Hill Camping and Caravanning Club site in April 2011. Assuming nothing has changed in 6 years then I could definitely recommend it. Clean, quiet and plenty of places for walking to the coast a couple of miles away.

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    Beadnell is perfect for what you need


    What Drac said. Stayed at Waren Mill and it’s spot on. Has electric too.


    Annstead Farm camp site


    I agree with esselgruntfuttock, Northumberland is an absolute dive and should be avoided at all costs. It’s horrible. Save yourself the 300 mile drive each way.

    Premier Icon frankconway

    No electricity in Northumberland; bring your own coal for the fire and as for the beaches….sand and strong winds mean you will be sand-blasted in the true meaning of the word.

    Don’t bother………..

    Agree with Essel – go to Cornwall.

    Premier Icon white101

    Elshalimo is right. Annstead Farm is a cracking site, 20 mins walk into Seahouses (you can go along the main road or via beach and footpath through golf course) or 20 mins along beach to Beadnell. Its at least 200 metres from site to beach.

    My 29 year old camper gets there at least 2-3 times a year.

    Avoid the main Beadnell site as it is always full and very windy, Annstead Is protected from the wind.

    Email Jill at the farm, pretty cheap as well.

    Norfolk’s nice, are you not getting mixed up with that? Cornwall’s even better, the beaches are great & jammed with other kids so yours will have someone else to play with.
    Anyway, children aren’t legally allowed in Northumberland between May & October.
    Cornwall’s lovely. Go there.


    I stayed at Dunstan Hill while cycling. Quite remote in that there’s nothing in the immediate vicinity. But lots of stuff within a very short distance, and very peaceful.

    Premier Icon frankconway

    Just to add to Essel, Suffolk is lovely – warm and welcoming; North Yorkshire is pretty good but any place north – don’t bother; the natives don’t like visitors, the weather is variable, electric supply is a bit like north korea – it’s occasionally on but it’s usually off; food supplies come in by boat every fortnight but only if the weather is OK.

    Best that you stay down south – where the sun shines and people don’t feel uncomfortable when they see money.

    Northumberland? Over rated. Go once and you’ll never go again.


    Didn’t Embleton just win beach of the year for the Northern hemisphere. Ghastly place miles of empty boring beaches. Stick with Cornwall ahem!


    This thread needs pics…Of the 32 year old camper.


    I’ll no doubt get flamed for this, but I knew full well that within very few posts there’d be a ‘stay away from Northumberland, it’s shit’ type of response – multiple in this case.
    I know it’s all very tongue-in-cheek but oh so predictable too.
    I went for the first time last summer and whilst I thought of it was very nice and I’m sure I’ll go back at some point, I wouldn’t rush to go back – horses for courses I suppose. It’s got shitholes like any other county (2 nights in Amble wasn’t my best idea ever). It’s big with lots of beaches and castles with very few people (which is your point) but IMHO the other ….umbria blows it away in terms of visual and topographic features. There. Said it….flame away!

    Premier Icon Drac

    You stayed in Amble? Well it’s no Ambleside as you say, the Lakes is stunning but other than lakes, hills and crowds it has nothing.

    Your’e brave staying in Amble!


    Railway Inn

    Or have a look at other sites on that forum – its the STW of camping

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