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  • hora

    Tick was thinking the same!

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    We toured Normandy a couple of summers ago and found loads of holiday camp sites we could just article at. Most had camping sites as well as camper van spots.


    The Jura will be quiet apart from the lakes. The Summer is surprisingly wet.

    The Loire valley has enough campsites to mop up the tourists without ever feeling too busy. It’s a long river, the bottom is flat and boring, then comes an interesting bit with castles and towns to visit, the top is wild and pretty much deserted.

    Brittany is tourist land around most of the coast with real tourist traps along the south coast. Booking is a good idea. The weather is similar to the UK but a little warmer.

    What do you intend to do with your days? Walk on a beach and chip at blocks of hercynian granite, paddle muddy rivers or visit deserted ski resorts.


    Hi all. Im thinking about heading over to northern france with the wife and 5 year old in summer. Does anyone have any tips/ advice, on good areas, campsites, things to do etc…. ive never been to france so totally in the blue. Thinking about the loire or the Jura region, the wife wants to go to Brittany.


    Can recommend these…

    Stayed there last year and it was superb.

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    Jura might still be a good six hours from Calais – worth bearing in mind if you’ve a littl’un.


    Can’t help but reminds me, we stayed at bottom of lac Annecy where parascenders land, used to take kids to see and it was the form to clap a happy landing.
    Stopped on way home at site an hour from Calais. Shocking weather set in and as we walked back from eating chap nearby struggling to setup in the wind. His tent blew off and eventually he caught it and pinned it down, to which kids suddenly started clapping with vigour! Oh the looks we got as me and missus couldn’t help pissing ourselves!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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