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  • Camping/bivi during the lockdown
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    I stopped watching the news about 3 weeks ago, so I am only picking up little bits here and there.

    Has there been any more info/updates, target dates etc as to when we might be or are allowed to camp/bivi etc? (England).

    Does the government have anything in their road map or near future plans?

    This isn’t about whether or not I should go camping during lockdown. I am sure we are all desperate to get out and get our fix. I have resisted the urge as I feel it would be disrespectful to the NHS and all the hard work that has been achieved.

    Premier Icon eskay
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    I think you are still not allowed to stay away from your home overnight (unless you are working in the government).

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    According to the seemingly much flouted road map, it’ll be July at the earliest. That’s also what sites we’re booked in to for the summer have said re their hopeful opening dates.

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