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  • Camping advice please – Decathlon pop-up tents, stoves, sleeping mats
  • mattzzzzzz

    On stoves forget the coleman – they have a habit of flaring up( and failing like mine did)

    Either a primus duel fuel ( my favourite and current stove )
    Or a MSR whisperlight international which I had previously great stove but a bit on/ off with no in between

    They will cost around £120 but you can ebay afterwards and get most of your money back

    They run on anything and are easier to live with and apart from petrol pack up into the palm of your hand, just carry a gerry can for car and stove


    The big advantage for the Decathlon tent is that they have shops all over France,and their aftersales service is excellent,spare poles etc easily available,a cheap British tent may prove difficult for spares in the event of a problem.


    forget both those argos tents.

    nightmare to put up , nightmare to put down.

    not worth the hassle.


    Gah, I thought the Coleman stoves are pretty good? Read lots of good things about them..

    Argos tents have been forgotten..

    Fair point about Decathlon, but we don’t plan to spend much time in France at all, so not too much of a benefit I don’t think.


    Duane from my experience I would go for a normal tent modern ones go up in no time and they are much more sturdy. I put my 2 man tent up in pretty much all weathers on sides of mountains in less than 5 minutes. I would forget those argos tents they look crap.

    My experience with Decathlon tents has been good Pennine Way with a £70 one!

    Experience with Vango tents has been great as well I would definitely recommend the Omega range my 12yo sister reckons shed can get either the Omega 350 or Omega 600 up in under 10 minutes by herself.

    When it comes to stove I would get something stable with a high power output.


    Right, we were pretty close on getting a 4 man non-pop up Decathlon tent, but we are now tempted by 2 2man pop up tents, and a Decathlon tarp;

    General idea is to face the tents to each other, and put the tarp between them.
    Popup tents will be a lot less faff to pop up. If we are tired, wild camping, or the campsite charges per tent we can both cram into one. Tarp can be used for whatever, on the beach etc. Totals up to about the same as one Decathlon 4 man.

    Any thoughts? We’re heading to Decathlon tomorrow so will see how 2 tents fit into the boot of the MX5.


    Keep it simples …

    Put up 2 tents seperately


    1 tent between you and take the piss/take your time/take the birra and enjoyyy .

    Why put up 2 tents ?? 💡

    Unless you pull …

    on a serious note – I survived wit` burd for 3 weeks. Travelled down to the south of France in a tiny overheating 1972 MGB-GT, adventures galore – I kid you not (guns and polis 😕 )
    Top time , no-one died, big, nay , BIG fun had and no one died.

    Lighten up and just enjoy the trip !!

    BTW – Sleeping bag, bottle of wine and a field … try it, you might learn a little 🙄


    Because 2 tents gives us the option of setting both up if we have time/can be bothered, or just one if we’re too tired or in a rush.

    Haha don’t worry, we’re lightened up, just keen to make sure we’re vaguely comfortable for a months camping!


    If space becomes tight, how about one of these:
    Boot rack
    My Dad used to use them in preference to a roof rack on ancient Triumph saloons.


    Yeah we’ve already sorted a boot bag, on the cheap though – 100l waterproof holdall for £20, big straps for £15, and some anit-slip mat for £5 🙂

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