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  • burnsybhoy

    WOW…just back in from work and checked the thread. Thanks for all the advice.

    The Outwell Montana is the tent that has caught my eye. We have 2 weeks off at the end of July so that is when I am aiming to get away. Saving up to pay for wedding gives me the perfect excuse for taking them camping.

    My idea is get them into it early and they hopefully they will always have a connection with the Outdoors and some fantastic memories. My Mrs wasn’t sure but after showing her some locations she now seems up for it.

    Echo a lot of what was said up there ^^^^

    Also choose the campsite carefully or you will end up in an overcrowded zoo.

    Camping isnt camping without a fire but sadly most places have banned them (perhaps understandably) The sites on this website allow them:

    And these ones all look rather nice too, though some seem to take the p… on pricing/pretentiousness.

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    IMO best campsites are a field in some fantastic location. The fewer facilities the better.


    Considering Lochranza, been to Arran before a few years ago and enjoyed it.


    Not read all the others, but as ive done a lot myself:

    Its a lot like cycling. The poorest equipment will make you hate it and never go again.
    You DONT have to spend a fortune, just be careful what you do buy.

    self inflating mattresses are one of the biggest advances in camping this century imo. Aldi have them in at the moment for naff all. The aldi ones are heavy, but if you are car camping that doesn’t matter one jot. I would choose a thinner self inflater over an airbed every day. Much more comfortable despite being thinner

    I imagine you kids would love to have “their own” tent. So two smaller ones might be more fun, but depends if you are happy leaving them out on their own (a few meters away with half a mm of nylon between you) overnight.

    You can get big ol’ glamping wigwams for a not too much now.

    Where are you? we can recommend some killer great sites if you are thinking of heading daaannn saaaf.


    Remember, a blanket under is worth two on the top. Really it is!

    Big warm jumpers or down jackets for the nightime, oh and pack the ski socks.

    Don’t walk round Go Outdoors like it’s Ikea, picking stuff up beacause it’s “only a quid”. You get what you pay for in that place. Fine if its for a single trip to a festival, but if you want camping gear that will last years( as we all do!) don’t skimp.

    I have Camping Gaz lamps that are 30 yrs old, and will last another 30. I also have a few very clever solar LEDS that are brill!

    +1 for dust pan and brush.


    Ayrshire Coast

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    Go outdoors has decent stuff as well as cheap, but more cheap. However it has the best selection of car camping stuff I’ve seen – stuff I didn’t even know you could get. Even folding wardrobes 🙂

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    We have a Vango Tigris 800 for the 4 of us – designed to sleep and house 8. Plus a fully enclosed porch as a kitchen/dining space. It’s bloody excellent, but so big and bulky we could only be bothered to go away for one week last year, and schedule this year is so busy with assorted Guiding/Scouting/Brownie events unlikely to be used at all this year.

    If anyone wants a marquee for a wedding, email in profile….

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    On a serious note, friends of ours were very “anti-camping”. Lifestyle of various exotic holidays round the world sailing, skiing etc before my godsons arrived on the scene.

    Turns out their kids love being cold and muddy in a field, they camp loads more than we do now.

    Just got back the second car camping long weekend of the year, we don’t have kids but often go with friends who do. The kids love it.
    Car camping is nothing like festival, event or cycle touring camping.You have a car so use the space available – although be warned that you will need a larger car or roof box if like us you end up getting additional camping kit after discovering a ‘need’ after every trip.
    Some may scoff at luxury camping – glamping – but in the UK where weather may keep you indoor the tent more than you’d like some luxury would help. I’d say an electric hookup is pretty important for family camping – powered coolbox, electric light, heater, charging devices,electric kettle, electric airbed – the type meant for spare rooms at home…
    Buy a tent with a porch – integrated or an add-on which is useful to stop mud and grass being trampled in to the living area and means that you can get a tent carpet for the living area.
    For your first trip borrow a tent and as much equipment as possible a) in case you don’t like it b) to give you an idea of what equipment you need.


    Get a bell tent. More expensive than a basic dome tent from halfords but cheaper than a lot of the better quality family tents. Really nice space to spend time in, cool in hot weather and seem to breath such that you don’t wake up damp in the morning.

    Here’s our setup. Trailer is only because the dog takes up the boot.

    Alpkit aero sleeping mats for the kids, the big fat ones for grownups, plenty blankets and everyone sleeps brilliantly.

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    what is Hi Gear kit like?

    Hi Gear is owned by Gellert. I refer you to my previous post.

    self inflating mattresses are one of the biggest advances in camping this century imo

    This. Really, airbeds are a bad idea.


    Just a quick question for the camping experts? Someone is selling a Outwell Montana 6 locally for a really good price.

    It’s 5 years old and the only issues are little mould marks on the ceiling and a few squashed insects marks. Obviously it’s been put away damp as some point.

    Should I steer well clear or is it not that big an issue?

    I’ve got a Soulpad (bell tent)
    Pretty far from cheap, weighs a ton, and is just awesome – 2.5M high, 4M in diameter, one pole, up in less than 15 minutes, got a free upgrade to one that is fitted for a woodburning stove (yes, really). And on a really hot day the walls lift

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    Another bell tent owner here. Love it!


    Camping is ace I like it very much.

    But try not to go camping in Denmark near late summer in a thin (one layer) cheap summer tent and in thin summer sleeping bag both bought from Argos. This is especially true if your body is accustomed to equatorial climate as you will know what hypothermia feels like the next morning. You will suffer the whole night. 😳

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