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  • gogg

    That’s not that bad, I pay £300+ for 4 Michelin on a small family estate.


    Dont buy branded then …..

    You want branded youll have to pay … Btw 115 quid a tire is pretty good for a reasonably large , heavy weight rated tire.

    I put 50 quid a corner non recognised brand tires on my 14 inch wheeled van , but due to pay load restrictions so says the manual. i dont need the heavy duties

    I put 60 quid. Corner remoulds on my jeep as typically they get damaged from trail debris not worn out.

    Given that some bfg ats for my jeep would be 160 quid a corner and some conti van contacts for my van would be 85 a corner … I dont think 115 for a conti is so bad , and at the end of the day its part of the running cost of your vehicle, will have to save up for s bit , on the plus side van tires tend to last longer so should be another 50- 70 k before you replace em again 🙂


    2nd gogg – that doesn’t seem outlandish c£100 for a big brand tyre. The only options for cheaper are the less well known brands but I reckon you get what you pay for.


    Try some tyre comparison sites….

    Add the tyres to the basket, you get a choice of garage when purchasing, you might have to ring a few garages and check if they can fit to a camper van, but you should save a few quid.


    I have a set of good tyres for a T5 on steel rims if you are interested. One pair has about 6mm and the other about 4-5mm of tread. They are good quality and stored in my garage. Would want around £75 for the set. I am in Coventry/Warwick if you are interested ( email me).

    I need to get new tyres for the van but the costs are just ridiculous. Looks like around £460 for a set of Contis or Bridgestones. Maxxis or Avons seem to be £360= £425 for a set.

    I just don’t have that sort of money kicking about. Anyone got and cunning plans for replacing VW Transporter tyres without invalidating the insurance and without needing to remortgage the house?




    Try Camskill, I’ve just saved £100 on 4 pirelli pzero’s and thats including delivery and paying for fitting. Delivery is only
    £2.99 per tyre if you reside on the UK mainland.

    Premier Icon Rusty Mac

    Try mytyres as well. I would be pretty happy at £115 a corner for a van. I can be £100 a corner for branded tyres for the other half’s polo.

    Expensive? I pay 225 a go for tyres on my “Sports Estate” and to add insult to injury they’re run flats…


    Just out of interest, what size are they?


    I bought my last set from They ship to the UK from somewhere in Europe. Service was great, they were a *lot* cheaper then any of the UK places. Cost me £10 per tyre to get them fitted locally. Also seem good for posh stuff like BMW * marked tyres.

    They also seem good for winter tyres and wheels, I priced up a set of quality aftermarket wheels and tyres for my wife’s BMW, and they come in at £700, instead of £2K from the BMW dealer.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    I used to put decent middle of the road no brands on the transit. (3t rated) at about £60/corner. Just get something non flashy and boring.


    Check the load rating you require and take it from there, if it’s registered and insured as a camper the load rating will be less. Camper van tyres have different compound rubber as they spend most of the year idle.

    If you have a van then you need to have the correct rated tyres regardless of the load you normally carry.

    Lots of t5 around with nice big wheels running on low profiled car tyres which can be dangerous.

    Continental vanco 2 tyres are quite reasonable

    Premier Icon eat_more_cheese

    Last time I was in Manc (Stretford area) I used a guy called Si from Tyres at Home. Think he’s based in Bolton but was cheapest by a long shot and was happy to come out.

    Premier Icon db

    What about these:

    £50 a corner? These would fit my t4 nicely…

    All depends on the size you need really

    After getting stuck in muddy fields a couple of times and struggling with icy Dartmoor lanes over last winter, on the advice of a our local garage I stuck Nexen Radial ATs on the front of my T4 van and now have them all around.

    From memory they were about £65 a corner. Really tough and dependable and fuel economy has been fine with them.

    EDIT > These ones:

    You might be talking a T4 or T5, but I put Toyo’s basic van rated tyre on our T25 Transporter for about £50 a corner.

    Check gumtree lots folk fitting bling wheels then selling standard ones.
    I got 4 standard landrover alloys with 4 New tyres for 140 from a guy who had bought the car second hand and took it straight to a garage for a set of bigger wheels and low profile tyres.

    Premier Icon parkesie

    Id love to be able to get branded tyres at 100 a corner. 245 45 18 say no however.

    Premier Icon steveh

    Or if you’re really on a budget get some decent part worns on. Just got 2 hankooks for my crafter camper with 8-9mm of tread each for 50 quid fitted.

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