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  • willard

    I started a thread a couple of weeks ago where I floated the question of which 4×4 to get for some sort of expedition. That project pretty much got canned*, but my wife has agreed** that something like a campervan would make her more amenable to actually going away camping*** for the odd weekend.

    We^ have a number of requirements (Hob, sink, possibly fridge, space for dogs to sleep), but other than that, I have free rein to look for a van before she decides it is too expensive and that we should buy something 30 years old and much cheaper (Talbot Express motorhomes, I’m looking at you!).

    Unfortunately, I took her to see some properly converted vans at the weekend and she really liked the Hi-top LWB T5 that we looked round but, whilst it was a really nice, professional conversion, I could not justify the price of it for odd weekends away. Even browsing eBay for something similar to show her as an example gets a mixed reaction (“Too expensive”, “No, ugly”, “Too chavvy”, etc) so I’ve pretty much decided to find as new a van as I can find, probably a T4 or T5 (them being the least van-like of the vans), for the money with a decent conversion in it, maybe a pop-top, and just accept that the dogs will have to sleep in the front footwell and we will have the bed for the one night away that we will be taking.

    Is this a sensible approach to take? There’s no way that we’ll be spending weeks in the thing at a time and it is not likely to be a regular commute vehicle, but at the same time, I do want something that’s going to keep up with traffic and not slow down too much up hills, nor something so wide that I start getting scared on country roads.

    And before anyone says it, no, I am not going to buy a van and do my own conversion. I’ve been banned from even thinking about that after the central heating incident.


    * – It was just never going to happen
    ** – In principal and on the understanding that there are no spiders
    *** – Actual camping contains too many spiders, hence the campervan approach
    ^ – “we” == “she”. I’d be happy going camping with a spare pair of socks and a tarp, but if I want her to share my hobbies, I have to play by her rules.

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