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  • rogerthecat

    Used Glynwoods for past 10 years, they are very knowledgeable about camper vans, esp VWs.

    As has been said – keep the van stocked with everything but fresh food and clothes, remember that most places have food shops so you may not have to lug everything from home.

    I do a quick inventory every so often just to check the essentials – if you have onboard gas, make sure it’s topped up.

    If it doesn’t have hook-up get it fitted, on a 2 week trip it can be nice to have 240v once in a while.

    Don’t forget that you can load on the outside (spotted a T3 yesterday carrying a spare rear door on the bike rack!) but you can put a cheap plastic tool chest on for additional space.

    And another vote for taking them round to friends houses to get their kids addicted – an hour playing in the pop top usually works!

    This is us arriving in Anglesey a couple of years ago. We can pack me, Mrs Cat and 2 teenage boys plus all our various toys into/onto our T3.

    @Pictonroad – that is just the best van I have seen in ages, is it a Syncro too?


    Sold my van last spring, miss it loads. For insurance I used C&CC Clubcare via RAC, was cheap enough for a G reg Transit to not bother shopping around, plus C&CC membership was useful once or twice.

    Premier Icon rangerbill

    I used to use RH insurance (Me and Mrs fully comp with European cover 120 squid) but have gone with Adrian Flux as we need business use for t’wife. Have read lots of good things about Glynwood….but forgot to ring them 🙁

    Will send emails soon to those who requested

    Premier Icon uphilla

    Thanks for all the info, very helpful. Ended up with Swintons, £186 for year, 2 drivers, 90 days Europe cover.
    First (Non-cycling) trip this weekend and understand why people love their vans! Already starting to get it in ‘ready to go’ state.

    Premier Icon andyfla

    Just bought a T5 and off for my first trip away, so I shall follow some tips.

    Pop round to your non-camper owning mates house in the van on some flimsy pretext like borrowing some lights or something, let his kids play in the van for half an hour and then drive off to the sound of said children saying “Daddy, why can’t we have a van like that….?”

    Ooh, I forgot to pop round – maybe we should have a ride next weekend and we can start from yours ? 🙂

    Just back from a 400 mile weekend tour in our T25 from home in Dunoon to Glenlivet and Laggan. Home is where you park it, often a trail centre car park 🙂

    Sandy cooks a few chillis and similar during the week then freezes them. Chuck em in the fridge as you leave and by day 2 or 3 they’ve just defrosted enough to heat up on the hob. Bring some nice fresh bread and there’s a great dinner with minimal faffing.
    Google earth is very useful for finding wild camping spots before you leave home.
    A full petrol/diesel can under the seat is very useful when you get carried away finding ‘remote places’ and then discover the nearest petrol station is just beyond the range of the fuel left in the tank.


    All been done already, but definitely concur with these:

    Thermal screens (keep sun out and warmth in at night, not to mention privacy).

    Levelling blocks.

    A ‘lecce hook-up is a definite benefit.

    An awning on a smaller van (we have a Bongo).

    We stored all our kit in plastic boxes – easier to move about and can live under the van is necessary.

    Hard brush – dustpan optional.

    Wet wipes.

    Washing line.

    LEDs with magnetic backs are useful too:

    Wine / beer. 🙂

    To mirror a previous post – grotty places. 🙂

    [url=]blip-20120729DSC_0127[/url] by NeilCain, on Flickr

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    The wife and I lived in this for 6 months whilst travelling around Europe.

    It hasn’t been getting used as much as I would like due to having 2x small children but we are coming out of the other side of that now and I can see a lot of adventures on the horizon.

    DO NOT by a fancy drive away awning, i have one and it’s mediocre at best. If you are all sleeping in the van you don’t need one. If you need extra room I would second the pop up tent idea.

    Rather than a wine stash I suggest a Single Malt stash. More space efficient.

    Premier Icon HansRey
    Premier Icon BillOddie

    Well spotted Mr Cain!

    Vrnic Pass in Slovenia if I recall correctly.

    Sounds familiar. With a Russian T34 outside the bunker museum at the top?

    One hell of a wiggly road going down the other side…

    Premier Icon paul4stones

    Just going back to the insurance bit. I’ve just bought a van after being inspired by all these threads on here. Just spent the morning sorting out insurance. Most companies don’t seem to like modified vans, part campers, etc and charge a lot as they think you’re a trader, ie van for private use doesn’t add up. Brentacre Insurance are very understanding, allow unlimited mods that don’t affect power and considerably cheaper than anyone else. Perfect for us as we’re really just trying it out, seeing how much we might use it and not sure if we want to go down the full camper conversion route just yet.


    paul4stones – Member

    C’mon, we need photos !!
    Everyone loves a bike/van/camper photo

    Premier Icon paul4stones

    Ha Ha, give me a chance! Picking it up tomorrow but I’ve got my broken wrist in a cast until next week so can’t drive it or start working on it until after that. Apparently it was owned by a mountainbiker before so maybe someone on here? Renault trafic, lwb, windows and seats in the back already. For the moment it’ll have boat and bikes and a tent in the back but if we get on, who knows 😉 I can see the slope and it looks slippery.

    Renault trafic, lwb, windows and seats in the back already.

    You’re already halfway there… 😉

    Premier Icon paul4stones

    Ok, looking like something straight out of Autotrader here is . . . A van!

    It has potential. Cheap and cheerful. If anyone from Caffe Tirreno recognises it and has horror stories about its past I don’t want to know 🙂

    Premier Icon burko73

    This site is your friend…

    Also a lot of T4 stuff (that can also be applied to other vehicles) here

    Try Adrian flux for self built insurance or a firm in essex i ended up with after a few yrs, can’t remember now, will dig out the paperwork.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    Just about to prep our van for a weekend in the Brecon Beacons with the boys. Must make sure wine cellar is stocked… It’s going to be lovely weather with some grand walking and some fun in the woods. I love my van 🙂

    My girlfriend and i lived in a iveco 49:10 for a year wandering around europe and found the most useful thing was the free camping areas.
    Check out ‘all the aires’ for france, there are similar ones for the german (& rest of europe) stellplatze by bord atlas.

    These range from a parking space in a petrol station to large open free campsites with great facilities.

    Premier Icon i_like_food

    I hate this thread (and all other campervan related threads)!

    They all make the Want-monster scream inside my head and I then spend time I don’t have searching used van websites. 😀

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