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  • Picking up my camper van in a couple of days. I’m cutrently with Direct Line so rang them for a quote to switch insurance over to the camper. They gave me a quote of £28 to the next renewal date in Sept, which sounds fine. Exactly the same coverage apart from ‘loose’ items inside the van, so TV’s, games consoles etc. Never really considered this regarding normal car insurance – I always figured it’d be my own silly fault if I left valuables visible in the car and wouldn’t consider trying to claim if they were Knicked, but the specific mention of the exclusion had got me thinking. Is this standard policy for campervan/motor home insurance?



    We’re with Safeguard and have very limited coverage for high value items. I think it is normal for them not to cover stuff like iPads, cameras etc in the standard policy because they want you to pay a little extra to get them covered.
    We just leave anything valuable hidden or under smelly, dirty clothes – that puts most opportunist scrotes off.

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    We’ve been with lifesure for 8yrs. Premium seems to go down by £5 each year.

    No taking the piss annual hikes, good on the phone good European cover.

    Thanks. I think for the sake of £28 instead of £330+ I’ll stick with direct line and compare in sept, just wanted to make sure I was not missing anything campervan specific since I’m coming from a normal car insurance policy. I’ve already got European cover, breakdown, windscreen, legal cover etc. Which will all transfer but was just wondering about the ‘loose’ valuable items.

    Any other campervan specific things or coverages I need to be aware of?

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    Safeguard got my business the other day, yes the in camper limits exclude a lot of things like phones iPads etc which is a bit of a ballache because you’d expect to have more of them in the van – but it’s all on the house insurance anyway and I figure a claim on the house insurance would be better/cheaper than the van.

    They beat all the other options by £20 and includes full European use and breakdown which meant they were about £100 cheaper all in. HIC/Adrian flux were second, compare the market offered a few cheaper but not from well reviewed companies.


    OP – Before you renew, join the Caravan and Camping Club. This usually gets you a further discount on your policy.

    FWIW, we had a van stolen and SafeGuard were very good.

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    We have ours via Comfort, was by far the cheapest for the amount of cover we needed.

    you need to call some of the specialists, general insurers are ridiculous for campers. look online or grab a mag in whsmiths and get a few numbers.

    just avoid adrian flux is my advice.


    I wouldn’t piss on flux never mind give them more money.

    I’m insured on the campervan with kgb @lloyds via advance. Same folk that insure my landy.

    188quid for all 7m of it.

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