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  • I was put off t4/t5s by the price, and ended up with a lt35 similar to steelsreals.
    I’ve no electric hook up, but use a split relay charger to a leisure battery. This runs several led lights, water pump, three 12v plugs and my electric fridge. The battery lasts 2/3 days, 6/7 if I don’t use the fridge.

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    Kits can be bought with battery, invertor, switches etc.
    Check eBay or t4 forum

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    I have two 160ah lesure batteries and LED lights plus a fridge (Waeco CR40 compressor) and various 12v charging things.

    With the fridge on I can easily run for about 4 days, without the fridge..ages. Current plan is to add a 100w ish solar panel on the roof which xshould help eek that out a bit. Will cost about £400 fitted from

    What is the invertor for? Laptop or ipad? If so you are inverting 12v to 240 to then be inbverted back by the PSU, so maybe look for a 12v charger or usb charger..

    Old Play stations are 12v, as are many little LCD tvs…if you keep everyhing DC life will be simpler…

    I know that my requirements are unusual, but my perfect van would be:

    Wide enough to sleep widthways
    Big enough so that I could leave the bed made up (hence the widthways thing)
    Big enough to put bikes inside
    Fairly simple layout – none of that trying to look like a house stuff.
    High quality fridge
    Made of metal

    The problem comes when I want this for 4 people when there are no vans with 4 seats up front

    I saw something that would fit the bill based on a MWB Sprinter 4×4 (on Dutch plates) parked up where I live a few weeks back. Love my T4 as a daily driver but I’ll admit to an attack of van envy. This one had crew cab style seating which was moveable and a “mezzanine” sleeping platform in the back with storage units / kitchen stuff below

Viewing 4 posts - 46 through 49 (of 49 total)

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