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  • plop_pants

    So are you not getting a definite click and sense of resistance when shifting using the button?

    It can be fixed. Probably needs new ‘g’ springs and carrier plus maybe the 10 speed ratchet. Mercian Cycles can supply parts. But if it needs a new ratchet they can be expensive and it might be just as well to buy a new pair of Xenon shifters.
    There are youtube videos to help guide you through dismantling and rebuilding campag shifters.


    Sounds like its borked. Mirage is pretty much equivalent to Tiagra. I’d replace with Veloce which is one step up & can be had for about £80 – much cheaper than replacing with Shimano.


    not Xenon, they are 9 speed.

    Right, I’m doing a bit of work on a bike for a friend and it’s got Campagnolo Mirage 10 speed shifters – the right hand shifter appears to be gubbed – shifts down perfectly, but skips about 6 gears at once on the way back up.

    So, is this just some sort of Campag nonsense that can be fixed or is it time for a new shifter?
    If I do need to replace it, what should I be looking at? Roadie stuff in general and Campag stuff in particular is a bit of a mystery to me. Does anyone know where ‘Mirage’ fits in the range/ what 10 speed shifter would be a suitable replacement? Google not particularly helpful thus far…

    Any help appreciated.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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