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  • Camelbak Kudu Curious
  • skybluestu

    I need to update my old mule and given my biking is a little more jumpy/droppy than it used to be so back protector has been a thought.
    Anyone got any experience of the 2017 kudu or other makes that work?


    I used an early Kudu (maybe 2016) and it was fine but also had an Evoc FR14 which was much more comfortable and stable.
    Both were about the same size capacity and either would be fine in its own right but just preferred the Evoc.
    Also currently using an Endurance MT 500 for the winter because it carries a bit more for the bad weather but also has a more mud resistant base.
    Again in terms of protection not as good as the Evoc and less stable


    I’ve just bought one. First ride with it tomorrow, so will up date then. I’ve also come from a mule.


    Look forward to the review!

    @fatgit, what evoc pack do you have?


    I got a kudu 8 as an xmas present but haven’t been able to ride yet due to a broken rib. The bag’s well thought out though and feels comfortable. Can’t really notice the spine protector. It also holds an open or full race really well, which is the main reason I wanted it!


    I’ve used one for 18 months or more now and have no complains, I’ve never used an evoc though to compare it against.

    Started with the smaller capacity one but changed to the larger one soon after, there’s very little size difference and the extra room is very useful.

    The new 2018 one looks way better again though, lots of new features and a much better waist strap.


    Have both 12L and 18L from last year 😳

    I think they are big for quoted capacity and started with the 18 but decided 12 was big enough for most of the time.

    comfortable most of the time. I find I have to ride with it slightly loose as otherwise it rides up on descents and I get pack helmet contact. The protector is wide enough that a tiny bit of movement doesn’t impact protection.

    I like the pockets on the belt. Tried Evoc but no pockets and didn’t fit as well.


    @OP it’s an FR Enduro Blackline

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    I’ve got the Kuda 12 and bought it for the same reason, it had a back protector and I liked my last Camelbak. 12l is fine for me, enough for tools, first aid kit, pump, waterproof, glasses, tube, mobile, keys and 3l of water. The rain cover is good too and the hip pockets are dead useful.

    I have not had an EVOC to compare it to. Tracey on here suggested the Scott 12l one when I asked about a backpack for the wife, it looks nice but she hasn’t been out with it yet:



    I was a Mule user for years. Tried the Kudu and didn’t like that loaded it’s huge great hump. Basically the back of the pack is a bit bigger than the protector. Two chest strap maybe a good thing, maybe a PITA. Waist strap not impressive.

    I’ve got an Ergon BE2 for everyday and the Evoc Blackline for big stuff. Both are considerably more stable and very, very usable. The Ergon is naturally a storage compromise but simple if you use a keg in a bottle cage. The Evoc is well thought through in every detail – you may not agree with everything (zipped pockets vs elasicated pouches) but everything has a form and a decision.

    If you like the Cambelbak way, take a look at the Endura. It’s like a Kudu but better executed.


    My first impressions of the bag-
    Although it is a claimed capacity of 12ltr, the space is quite generious once you figure out best packing arrangement. Tool wrap within main compartment was something to work around.
    The protector initially feels a little uncomfortable, but once loaded, tightened and on the bike is not noticeable.
    Holds firm in place.
    No helmet and pack interference.
    I did find at one point my jersey was riding up under the bottom of the back, but couldn’t say whether this will be a recurring issue.
    Over all I’m very pleased with the pack and would say that it will be a good replace ment for my 10+year old mule.
    For what it’s worth, I got mine though Merlin Cycles. Don’t forget your TopCashback!

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