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  • teamhurtmore

    Has anyone ridden one yet – the 2014 version?

    How does it compare with a trance 29er?


    I’ve got a 2012 stumpy evo 26 ” and demo’d
    A camber evo 29 last month

    Genuinely impressed , was a very capable bike
    But it needs a dropper post and the forks are a bit
    flexy , otherwise it was all good

    Only issue I have with Spesh bikes is the rear suspension
    In open mode causes pedal strike , got it revalved and a
    Bit more compression and it’s sorted !!


    Cheers dab,

    I demoed the 12 stumpy, camber and epic and enjoyed the camber and the epic the most. None of them were evo versions. The epic stood out by a mile on climbing but as an overall bike the camber seemed a good one bike fits all. The evo seems to have good initial reviews. Need to find somewhere to demo one!


    Nicholsons in dundee have a medium demo
    Foc too 😉

    Camber evo was pretty much spot on
    If it’d been about when I bought the stumpy evo
    I would have gone camber

    Don’t discount the 27.5 trance
    Nice bikes too !!!

    I’ve ridden the 26 trances quite a bit
    Light and fast , plus bloody good value

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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