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  • Camber Comp or Elite?
  • Other half has the 2011 Elite with Elixir 3s, no problems with them so far.

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    I am tempted to make the move to fs and narrowed it down to these 2.

    I prefer the weight and colour (shallow I know) of the elite but am put off by the avid brakes. This is due to so many negative comments about avid’s on here and other forums plus the issues had by the only other avid user I know. Which makes me think save the extra money and go for the comp.

    Anyone ride either of these bikes?

    Any problems with the avid elixir 3 in particular?



    Elixirs are loads better than Juicys in my experience.

    I’ve got two sets of Elixirs and 2 of my mates are using them too. Never had any issues with them.

    Just looked at the bikes & not sure there’s much in it to be honest, is there.
    I thought the Elite was gonna be loads better specced, but it isn’t.
    If you prefer the look of the Elite, get it, I reckon. If in 2 yrs time you find the brakes are fooked, then you can replace them for little over £100. The frame colour however, you are stuck with!

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    Thanks guys. It is true, there doesn’t seem a huge difference spec wise and I am struggling to see where the 2lb weight difference is.

    I don’t mind the comp colour scheme, I just prefer the colour of the elite.

    Keep the feedback coming please.

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    Don’t worry about the brakes, they’re both cheap but decent.

    Does the Comp still come with an octalink crankset? Think it’ll have steel stanchioned forks as well. TBH the spec of the lower Cambers is pretty ropey in places, it’s a good package but some of the bits they fit seem downright stingy.

    I bought a Pitch Pro 12 months ago.

    There are precisely zero OEM bits left on it.

    Spesh have made cutting corners an art form so I’d buy the cheepest one and upgrade as soon as bits start wearing out (about 2 rides in IMO the Spesh hubs and SRAM BB are first to die). The brakes were actualy Ok once I’d bled and lubed the seals several times.

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    Thanks guys.

    Without wanting to open a ‘can of worms’ fs v ht debate, I have been on ht for years and currently ride a Kona Blink steel ht which is nice but weighty. My back carries an old injury so thought fs might be a good direction to go. Plus it is a path I haven’t been down before.

    I know they aren’t top end stuff but I have spent a fair amount on road biking this year already!

    I will try and check them both out ‘in the flesh’ (paint) and see how the figures stack up.

    Thanks again.

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    Quick update. Just pulled the trigger on a Camber Expert instead. Collect it next week.

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