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  • A James

    Went up here for first time today via Leeds canal from baildon and buck wood. Access via Appleby bridge and climb up ‘cut’, onto road and then left down lane. Is there anymore stuff up there? Had nice plod down the muddy rocky loamy stuff, ended up in bottom corner by canal. Came back more directly via buck wood but not sure got the link right. Any suggestions? Or was that about it?


    there is a heck of a lot in there.
    from the canal, start where the cut and the main path come together where the cars park.
    go up the cobbly path about 100 metres, drop off to the right ride, the tech path down the side of the stream, try ride up the side of the steps to the end and back to the road.
    then cut back up the road, and turn off after 50 metres on the left follow that skinny path up on the ridge up to the secret garden then follow that to the wall and see if you can ride the steps, if you can then you are frickin good.

    cut across the cut and in to the next set of woods, keep riding up to the two bowls and ride the descent line down to the little pond, then pass the pond and keep heading back towards the main path and head back up to Calverley near the church, opposite the old lodge there is the Narnia path that seems to go nowhere but is a lot of fun that brings you back to the path above the old bowls
    there is another brilliant descent with big drops and a road gap and big step downs back to the pond or go back to the lodge and head down to the little path which goes back to the canal its brilliant, very slippy at moment, but if you like wet roots and slippy off camber corners youll have a laugh, then follow that along the canal climb a bit and then follow your nose on a fast flowing bit of singletrack back to the gate and then back to where you started.

    Lots of fun and you can session loads of lines and drops at the top in the two bowls
    ill be going again in the new year.

    A James

    That’s brilliant, cheers matey! Thought it was more than I found. Never really thought of going down there for my local bimble but fed up of baildon moor when I don’t have a pass out to get to the dales or peaks. It was good and sloppy today , swampthings got a good testing.

    Cheers again!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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