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    Rocky Mountain Adventures was a UK-based holiday company that operated mountain bike holidays in Colorado and Utah in the late 90s and early 00s.
    If you took a holiday with them we’d love to see your photos and share a few memories on a new facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/221900991353808/%5B/url%5D.
    Jez (Guide 2003)

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    I’ll have to scan some in! Summer 2001 if I remember rightly.

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    How do Jez,
    Sure I’ve got hundreds from past guests that sent me them.
    I’ll have a look and join the group.
    Paul (Guide 2004 & 05)

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    I’m a June 2000 veteran. Man, I was not fit enough for that holiday… And I hadn’t owned my Intense Tracer (a whopping 80mm of travel) for long enough to have a feel for it. Hence, plenty of noob-style crashes… The best riding of my life though. Amazing riding around Breck back then – probably even better now. My pics are all prints… But I’ll join the group!

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    Was supposed to do a winter season with Rocky Mountain back in Winter 2000/2001. Got dumped by a bird after 5 years, decided to do a season then about a month before I was due to go she reappeared on the scene and I cancelled my season. Daft cow dumped me soon after. Still never forgave myself!

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    Mine are from August 2001, when Simon and Nicky were guiding. However, I’m not on Facebook, so if anybody is interested mail me and I’ll put them in a Dropbox folder. Would be good to meet up again sometime !

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