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  • Calling all photographers – who is up for One Photo Everyday 2010?
  • Well folks it has been one heck a year. This time last year I put out a message saying who is up for the One Photo A Day challenge. Take one photo every day in 2009 and put it on Flickr.

    Well with days to go, it seems that 4 of us who started are on for achieving this!

    So just thought I would put this thread out now to see if anyone fancies the challenge in 2010. It really is interesting seeing who is doing what each day. The group does not have that many regular posters so you get to know people through their wierd and wonderful pics, their highs and their lows too.

    Go on, I bet some of you are up for this?


    Yup I was thinking this after seeing yours through the year, Simon. Got an interesting year coming up!


    Yeah, i'll be up for that Simon. I'll join the group now. What's the score, just post a pic every day to the group pool?

    Kit – excellent – would be great to have you on board! My year this year went Gibraltar – Scotlamd – Peru – Scotland – Devon – Scotland. It really is wierd seeing your whole year in thumbnails on a single Flickr page. Even if some of the photos are a tad duff on the off days, they totally change when seen as part of a whole year! My year didn't really get off to a good start and it shows, but yeah, it's good to see it picking up : )

    Yep – you load up one photo a day but you can post a few at a time if you can't get to a computer to load them up. This group is one of the most laid back in terms of rules and regs. I just ask people not to swear on photos or in the discussion and keep the content family friendly really. That's about it.

    aye i'll be up for that too simon


    just post a pic every day to the group pool?

    Kato, I think the idea is to take one photo each day to upload, i.e. you create a visual 'diary' for the year with 365 photos.

    Ah right – yes – the idea is that you take a photo for that day, yourself, someone else, self timer, and upload that. It isnt upload any photo from any day. Some people do and that is fine, but the challenge is to take one photo a day.

    I am not a photographer, but the great thing is is that there are some very talented ones on there who can give you ideas about composition etc. It can be a good way to learn and be inspired.

    This is my life in 2009 😀

    Oh, it's always interesting to see which pics you lot decide to click on when I post this set. It isnt hard to guess lol.


    Yeah that's how I understood it. Take one a day and post to the pool. I'm looking forward to it


    I'm going to try to do this for 2010 Simon.

    Starting a digital photography course for the S2 pupils at my school so this should give me a focus (sorry…).

    My uploads will probably be sporadic rather than one upload each day, but I'll try to stick to taking one per day – you might get a weeks's worth at a time.

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    When Simon posted up this time last year I joined up and it's been a great disraction for a work a day life, 4 of us who joined last year have managed to complete our One Photo A Day project some are just a bit short and some pop in from time to time. All are welcome.

    Here's my set so far

    A few of my favorites

    090223 M4 Towards Reading

    090623 Hammertime

    090902 Sandwood Bay Pebble

    I'm currently uploading my photos to a book which i'll order on Jan 1st from here

    Simon did ask for Photographers, well don't worry if you're as crap as me or even worse it will be worth it. You have un-inspired days and days were you can take hundreds and it's difficult to choose which shot to up load.

    There is also an monthly mini competition where no prizes are given out and I've never won it 🙁

    Ah well John, with a few more from STW plus me trying to fiddle it for you, all you need to do is post a pic of your bike and I am sure we will work something out.

    I forgot to ssy the group has an icon. At the end of each month we vote for our favourite photo, and the best pic gets to be the icon of the month for the following month. Just for fun but it's good to celebrate all the great photos in the group.

    Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    Joined up 🙂

    No idea how I will get along, but I tend to work out and about in the Lakes and beyond and almost always have my camera with me. Just need to get my motivation levels up a bit, and try to slow down a bit during the day.

    Look forward to getting started!

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    Joined up

    Look forward to getting started!

    There's nothing stopping you starting today, get snapping

    Premier Icon Gravy

    :-)I would really like to do this, but I have a couple of questions.
    1. This year I am 50 yoa and for my b/day me and the s/o are off to Colorado and Utah driving along the scenic byways and visiting interesting places. So while I will be able to take hundreds of pics I won't have anything with me to post them up (wee bit of a techno phobe).
    2. So can I select 1 pic per day to post and do it when we get back (3 weeks later)? Or what is the alternative ?
    Thanks. 🙂


    I was in Peru in the rainforests for a month, with no electricity and no nothing! We have a 6 photos a day limit, so you can upload 6 pics a day to catch up. We have this sorted.

    In 2010 I will be spending 3 months doing some very intensive training in the rainforests again, so yeah, I will have a 3 month gap to fill!

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    Gravy, you can post up to 6 photos a day so if you need to catch up it may take a few days of 6 uploads a day.

    Don't forget even though you're away and taking loads of shots you can only chose one phote a day.

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    Dam you Simon 👿 😉

    Duid I forget to say the very wonderful JohnClimer is the other admin who will keep you all in shape while I am away.

    And who knows, maybe this time I will bring back a Mrs Ralli from peru. Anything could happen next year for me and I have as yet no plans for the end of my MSc 😯

    Premier Icon stevemakin

    I'll sign up for that as well 🙂

    Premier Icon snowslave

    Sounds interesting, I'll give it a go


    Sounds good. I've become a bit lazy with my own photoblog posting, so maybe this will encourage me to get the camera out regularly again.

    Premier Icon crewlie

    I'm in, might be a bit dull though. I'll have to try to have an interesting life this year.

    Wow – 97 people in the group – I wonder if we will reach 100 before 31st? Great to have a few new peeps on board!


    I'll give it a go, but can't access my flickr account till I get home.
    (Mobile dongle won't allow it)


    Just joined, this is something I had planned on doing for 2010 so it would be good to have somewhere to post them. Most of them will be uploaded straight from my iPhone as I rarely carry my camera, and don't have proper internet access at the moment. I just like taking photos though 🙂 It's gonna be fun!

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    sounds a terrible idea!

    Premier Icon didmatt

    Joined too, most of my shots will either be from my Blackberry or from my Canon DSLR, but sometimes i do let some of my older/toy cameras out to play in the light 😉

    Looking forward to it, got a few interesting things planned for this year too.

    If anything, hopefully will be interesting insight into peoples day to day thoughts/ideas/images.

    Oh, my flickr name is msjharper, link is in the profile.

    Nothing wrong with camera phone pics – you almost always fall back on them a few days of the year.

    BTW – had to tell a couple of new people it isnt loads up any old photo from a few years back! It's like, take a pic today and load it up!


    Sign me up for this, was planning on doing something similar anyway so this should make sure I actually do it! assume it's a joint flicker account? Can someone let me have the details?

    Mine will be a mix of iPhone and digi pics, will try to keep them as interesting as I can.., no promises though!

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    One thing I found help me out was downloading for free

    Where I crop my shots to a Resolution of 72pixels/inch (perfect to screens) and 13" by what every I've cropped it to. I then compress it down to around 300kbs

    Premier Icon theginjaninja

    Coming to the end of my 365 project. Hard work at first but learnt a lot about photography and also about the patterns that take place in my life.

    My set is here – 365

    Premier Icon lorax

    I might give it another go but would do it very differently – it ended up taking up far too much time last year so I didn't get beyond August, after the kids mutinied. If I do it again it'll be with film rather than digital, so I'll submit in batches about two or three weeks out of sync. I'll see….

    And thanks very much for keeping at it Simon – very much appreciated 🙂


    harry / lorax / modalshift

    i started doing a '365' in novemeber but didn't join a group. most of the 365 groups seem really large and kinda anonymous, you guys seem much more friendly. see you over there 🙂


    I might as well sign up for this too.


    Yep – it's a very friendly and positive group. I have barely needed to do any Moderating, and I look forward to seeing your pics.

    Goan – yeah – get clicking on your mobile phone and get uploading. When you get into the flow of things it gets easy, but there have been a few hairy moments trying to remember to take a pic! The challenge I always feel is remembering to snap.


    Think I'll sign up for this. Good excuse to get used to the panny GF1 I moved to from the D80.
    Plus help me focus my mind and try and stop me thinking about the possibility I may have MS.
    GF1 comes every where with me now since it's nice and compact.


    My life is dull as shit

    But I might as well give it a go starting on Jan 1st

    Looks like I better find myself a cheap compact digital, dont want to be lugging a D70 with me everywhere and my phone camera is crap

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