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  • Calling all Oxford mountain bikers!
  • Gravity?

    Aston Hill is only 45mins / 1 hr from you.

    There may be stuff nearer around Christmas Common / Stokenchurch, but I’ve only ridden XC round that way.

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    Check out BucksMTB – quite a few members live Oxford way and rides tend to focus on the Chilterns, Aston Hill, Swinley Forest, Woburn and Chicksands – plus trips further afield.


    Hi, so recently moved back to Oxford after a few years in Brighton, and was wondering where all the Oxford mountain bikers are/where they go. Im looking for people to ride with essentially, I often go up to shotover in terms of local spots. Like to travel to Aston hill, Woburn etc if transport is available.

    Anyone else in Oxford seeking some gravity orientated/jumpy riding?

    (sounds like a dating ad)

    EDIT; Have also heard that theres some riding up at Boars Hill, anyone got experience with this?

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    Plenty of more XC riding in the Chilterns, but i’m more the Reading side. there are various midweek rides if you’re interested? Most riders I know are mainly into XC/trail riding, but have been known to dabble in DH.

    Gravity/DH wise, it’s really Woburn/Aston Hill, etc, unless you dont mind travelling.


    Thanks a lot for the advice people, will check out these groups and see whats going on. I am also interested in doing some more xc orientated riding, need to work on my fitness I think. Seems like getting a car would be the best option as even Witney and Abingdon are a fair distance to ride.

    @Johnny, so are there regular rides you go on where I could tag a long, If i could get there?
    @gaberin, those jumps look nice in the video (bit scary but i could probably build up to them!) do you know their current condition? Do you ride there?

    Hi dps11,

    I’m living in Oxford since January this year… i bought a bicycle 3 month ago and started making jumps in shotover. We made good jumps but people started destroying them. I ride With a young guy and looking for someone to ride in aston hill, swinley forest, etc.

    I head out to Aston hill quite a bit, it’s the nearest place for some proper gravity riding without going to wales ime.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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