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  • Calling all hardtail riders!
  • redthunder

    One of each.

    Both great.


    Had a full susser, and to be honest, i never really felt i used it or needed it.

    For my style of riding, I just prefer the HT feel when going down the hill. I like my legs taking the movement and such. When riding the full suss, the ride just felt duller, and a little less interesting. I prefered it slightly for sitting in and going up hills, but even then, it was a rare occasion where I felt the suspension actually helped me out.

    Ended up selling the frame and sticking to HT’s for the moment.

    Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    I only have one mtb.



    The Chameleon is great but I’m starting to feel it. Just working on the boss to let me get a new bike Pace 405, cotic hemlock or a sc heckler. I ‘ll not be selling the Cham.


    I’ve just sold my 06 Enduro, leaving the Prince Albert as my only mtb.
    Since building up the PA, the Enduro rarely left the shed.

    Is a long travel hardtail really the only bike you need? I’m about to find out…

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    I built a Pace 303 up last year with the bits from my Enduro.
    (Hung the Enduro chassis in the shed for a few months}.
    Pace was fantastic fun, more forgiving than you’d think. Had funds allowed I’d have kept both & swapped bits between each chassis every few weeks or so. But the cash was needed & one had to go.

    I love my Enduro.

Viewing 6 posts - 81 through 86 (of 86 total)

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