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  • mikey74

    I have recently had my garden cleared and need to do something with it.

    It’s only a small patio garden with a curved soil border along one side, so nothing too grand.

    I was thinking of putting down some geotextile membrane, gravelling it, and then sticking some small trees/plants in plant pots on there (maybe some fruit trees?), but would be open to other suggestions.

    Ultimately I want something that is low maintenance and maintains the open feel I have recently got back with the clearance.

    Premier Icon Ambrose

    How about turning some/ all of the border are into a rockery? plant up with arctic alpines. They are low growing so won’t overwhelm things. Also, Wild strawberries are excellent for ground cover, nice to look at and yummy to eat. Other ground cover could include saxifrages. And plant a few herbs too, as well as something bonkers but easy, like pumpkins or courgettes.


    Gravel = toilet for all the cats 🙂

    You could go for large pebbles, 2-3 inches in diameter should put off the cats.

    If you plan on washing your bikes down in the garden, the textile under the gravel/pebbles will just fill up with mud anyway, leaving you with muddy gravel and weed heaven.

    Also, pots aren’t low maintenance unless you get one of those weeping hose watering things. And remember to turn it on or fit a timer 🙂 I unpotted a small tree and stuck in in the ground, its much better now it doesn’t have to put up with regular droughts :


    Plant veg so you save money and enjoy quality produce at the same time. So much better than things to look at.


    Ooooo a rockery sounds good. Could be a pricey option though.

    Good call about the bike washing and cat poo problem: My road is run by a secret society of local cats so I guess they will want to mark it as their own.

    I do like the idea of planting things that I can eat. I suspect they may need a bit of looking after though.

    When I say “low maintenance”: I think I can stretch to a bit of watering 8)


    don’t do pots – really hard work unless you are very dedicated. go for a bit of height to start with 2 ot 3 small trees – flowering cherry trees and acers. then work on lower level stuff in front creating a layered look.
    i’d do it in stages – get your trees in – 3 is a good number then take a step back before going out to buy your next ‘layer’ – don’t do gravel – lacks imagination imo 🙂


    depends on where you live as to how cold winters usually get, and as i rent i tend to use pots as i never know when i am going to get evicted again!!!!!

    Anyway, figs are pretty bomb proof and look good and prefer a constricted root run. I also have a lemon, needs a bit of care through the winter but flowers smell good and nothing beats picking your own lemons.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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