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  • chrisr1983


    I’ve been mountain biking for a while now (less than a year) and I’ve been really enjoying it. I ride an On-One Lurcher and haven’t had any trouble so far.

    I decided with the weather starting to brighten up that I’d like to enter a few sportives/sky ride type things around Manchester (so far entered a 27miler and a 50 miler) and buy a road bike to do them on.

    The road bike I went for was a Planet X Pro Carbon – it should arrive on the 4th March.

    Problem – I’m a bit of a chubby git, 6ft 2″ and about 16st 7lbs, slowly loosing weight at about 2lbs a week.

    So, calling all chubbers – how much do you weigh? Ever have any trouble with wheels going out of true? Anyone racing/competing at this type of weight?


    Premier Icon paganman

    I’m 18st ish & I’ve only knackered 1 wheel which involved tree/rider interface at speed (also destroyed a new XO mech :cry:)
    I’m currently running some Stan’s flows, American classics, and some mavic tn719’s all on various 29ers. They’ve needed no more truing over the years than my wife’s (8st) various wheelsets.
    My riding is mainly xc trail exploring with a map stuff, and the odd trail centre red too.

    15st, like to bunnyhop and jump off kerbs. All on 1200g handbuilt wheels. If they can survive me normal wheels will survive anything.


    18st and 6ft2, got Mavic EN321’s on Hope Pro 2 hubs on the HT, only snapped a couple of spokes over time, and the full-susser 29er has Mavic Crossrides, not an issue, been through all sorts of rough rocky descents and not an issue.

    I did the Isle of Man End 2 End in 5 hours last year, I’m going in for a few more races this year – I want to try and get my weight down to 16 and a half stone myself, about right for my build.


    At my heaviest I was 19.5 stone last year and had a Look Carbon road bike. No issues with it at all just sold it as I didnt like the road

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    Sme wheels have weight limits. I had a Cube with Easton EA50 s on it and had to true the wheels every week. I was about 17 1/2 stone then. The Mavic Aksiums on the current bike are far stronger……although I weigh less than 16st now they take far more abuse.

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    I’m 18 1/2 stone and my wheels that came on my cross bike were only 28 spoke at the rear and I’ve had a few broken spokes with them, in the end in replaced them with a set of handbuilt 32 front 36 rear wheels and I’ve not had an issue in over 6 years of riding, I’m always bunny hopping speed bumps etc on them.

    Big Dave

    I don’t like to think of myself as chubby, more optimised for gravity.

    Not sure what my weight is these days but I’ve never had problems with wheels going out of true. My single speed road bike is built up with quite light wheels running 25mm rubber and they are as straight and true as the day the bloke in my LBS built them for me. Decent wheels that have been made well should be up to all sorts of use and abuse before they start to get a bit wobbly.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    I believe the old correct term is “Clydesdale”.

    100kg ish and no issues with longevity of wheels and kit but I ride lighter than my lard would suggest although on the odd occasions that I do briefly defy gravity my landings are not so pretty.

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