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  • Premier Icon stevenmenmuir

    I’m thinking of doing something like this so interested to see what the good folks say.

    Premier Icon bullroar

    Have a look here:

    The section from Coire Odhar to the top of Lairig an Laoigh will involve some pushing but it is not too arduous.

    Premier Icon chickenman

    The shorter loop is more scenic, has less tedious landy track but does involve some pushing. I would wait a few weeks for the melt water to subside before trying to cross the fords of A’An.

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Ta bullroar – I’d seen that and wondered whether the longer Glen Builg option might be more rideable/enjoyable?

    I would wait a few weeks for the melt water to subside before trying to cross the fords of A’An

    Wondered about this, but as a teacher parent my holiday timing options are very limited……….

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Doing a Blair Atholl – Aviemore – Bramaer – BA loop in a few weeks over 3 days.
    From Ryvoan pass, is it best to go:
    Bynack stable – Fords of Avon – Glen Derry – Bramaer or
    Braes of Abernethy – Tomintoul – Glen Builg – Bramaer?

    If equally good, then nae bother, we‘ll let fates and the weather decide. Fords of Avon looks more singletrack – so do they take about the same amount of time?

    Any pointers for accomodation welcomed – assuming SYHA are good bet.


    Premier Icon boxelder

    Anyone know what kind of state the various river crossings are in?

    Premier Icon metalheart

    errr, according to the Cairngorm mountain website there’s 10cm of fresh snow on the top. Snow level 600ft….

    best check before you set off?


    I would go Via Tomintoul personally, as said the river at fords of A’an may not be easily crossable. We are currently getting snow on the hill, rain lower down, neither of which is good for river/stream crossings!

    The route through Glen Derry etc does involve quite a bit of pushing as the going is so rough/bouldery, proper “combat biking”.

    Are you going clockwise or counter?
    Syha in Glenmore is right on the route, storage, food etc.

    Have done a couple of similar rides and stayed in bothies. Plenty of them on your way and make it a bit more of an adventure…never know what you’re walking into 🙂

    One trip, I started at Blair athol, over the mini gaig and stayed in the bothie in glen feshie. If you start this way, your next night could be in; ryvoan bothy, fords of Ann refuge or bob scots bothie. Day 3 would be white bridge to Blair athol.

    Second trip started at boat or garten, bynack more, laraidh an loagh (sp) stayed in bob scots bothie. Day two started with a massive hangover! Headed to braemar, over some hill on the right! Over to tomintoul then onto boat of garten again.

    Good times!

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Going with a mate without bothy/camp kit. Ruled out high route now. Will return to bikepack/bothy it when summer arrives…….

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    Good singletrack on Glen Builg but then you’re on landrover track into Braemar. Not that exciting or scenic IME.
    Fords of Avon down to Glen Derry would be a testing descent but I think largely rideable? I’ve only done it the other way so difficult to judge – v bumpy rather than any big moves required I would say. Beautiful ride this way – I would favour this route unless you had good info on the Fords being too high.

    Fords of Avon down Glen Derry is mint – worth doing more shoving to do. However, the section from Bynack Stable/Mor to the Fords of Avon can be slow going if conditions have been wet. I’ve never found crossing the Fords of Avon an issue, either during periods of snow melt or after heavy rain. It was neither deep nor particularly fast (just very cold!) but of course this can change rapidly!

    If you’ve made good time and fancy a longer day out you could head via Tomintoul then head up Glen Avon after Inchrory to do the Glen Derry descent to Braemar – this would add approx 3 hours on to the ride I would think though, so a significat day out.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Any idea when they are going to build that bridge over the Dee at Braemar?


    Re Accomadation
    Glenmore lodge next to the SYHA hostel does B&B

    Re accommodation – we’ve stayed in the Aviemore Bunkhouse before and a place called Rucksacks in Braemar. Both basic but got all you need – nice pub next to the Aviemore one.

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