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  • Caddy or Connect van?
  • Fabdad

    Looking to buy a small van for lugging my bike around and looking at these two.Any known faults with either of them? Is the Caddy worth paying a bit more for? Cheers.


    I’ve had both in the past.

    I would not have a Connect again.

    Loved the Caddy, hated the Connect.

    Get a TDi Caddy though, the SDi is gutless by comparison.

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    Caddy TDi 😀


    Caddy TDi’s are cracking. Worth knowing that Charlton Heston’s chariot had more sophisticated suspension though

    I’ve got a caddy SDI and my god it’s slow.
    Saying that though, it’s fine once it’s up to speed and it’s pretty basic so less to go wrong with it.
    I test drove a connect and that didn’t feel any faster.


    Id have a caddy over anything with the tdci engine in it.

    Caddy maxis quite a deceptively big vehicle. I like it

    Caddys expensive to fix and a bit “chunky” and slow imo i had a hire caddy last week a tdi one hated it drove to aberdeen from blackpool and it was the most annoying journey id done cant wait to get my connect back from the menders (some div slammed into the side of me)

    The connect has done 97k and had various users as its a work vehicle so is thrashed and not looked after and still runs sweet and comfy and quiet.

    I had a Connect, I’d not have another. It was fine at the time but died a injector, clutch and gearbox death pretty much all at the same time at 56k miles.

    They felt OK enough at the time to drive etc. but I have a Peugeot Expert now for work and it’s night and day better. Never driven a Caddy but do own a T5 camper. Caddy’s seem popular but pretty damn expensive too me, but then a lot of the kids are getting into pimped vans these days and that seems to be the van of choice.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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