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  • simply_oli_y
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    I’ve decided I’m going to go ahead and build a new kitchen. Based on 18mm birch ply cabinets with painted ply doors.
    I was planning on 18mm ply sides and base, with a 9mm back panel, and two support pieces at the top rather than a full piece. or is it worth opting for a full top piece?

    Also the plan was to opt for rebated corners for joints (reinforced with pocket holes). Has anyone came across a 9mm (rather than 9.5mm) rebate cutter? As I washoping to rebate both pieces for the joint so that when butted up the edges will all be nice and flush, but can’t seem to find a 9mm cutter. all either 8mm or 9.5mm.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Bump for evening crowd

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    18mm perfect for sides and base, 18mm strips up top like you say, also perfect.

    For the back, 9mm is probably overkill. I normally use 6mm for backs and so a 6mm cutter is easily available if you’re putting them in a groove.

    You may be just screwing them straight on to the edge which is also fine, but yeah, 6mm is perfectly adequate.

    If you’re set on 9mm, either make one cut to all panels with a 6mm cutter, then shimmy the fence or your guide rail back 3mm or until it’s a snug fit and take a second pass.

    Other way is 6mm cutter, make cut with 3mm spacer taped to fence, then remove spacer and take a second pass.

    For the lap joint you’re describing for the cabinet edges, they’re all straight joints, so any router with a fence will do it. Bigger the cutter the better here really as you get a shallower angle of cut and generally a better cut.

    You could also consider a corner joint router cutter set from the likes of Rutlands.

    Good luck.

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    20 sized biscuits and stuff the rebates for the win!

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    Cheers Kayak,

    I was thinking Along the lines of double 9mm rebate for corners

    But could just rebate the one side instead.

    The back I was thinking to rebate and press in but could switch to 6mm and put in via a slot. Good food for thought.

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    To be honest, you’ve not got to rebate the back in at all. It’s not seen so can just screw onto the cabinet. You have to clear whatever services you have of course but this can be done by reducing the cabinet depth and stepping it off the wall with brackets.

    At the ends where the gap is seen you use a ‘decor’ panel, scribed into the wall.

    And as above. I’d biscuit it and clamp it up. If you’ve not got sash cramps you can screw the ones together right through the sides where they’re not seen, where they are use pocket holes.

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