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  • Caad12 disc to Ribble Endurance SL Disc
  • joebristol
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    So I’ve slightly mangled my back and whilst with stretching it’s gradually improving, I’m not convinced it’s going to get back to pre-back spasm.

    I’ve ridden my Sentinel a few times post injury (still having physio at the moment) and that’s been ok whilst on the bike – and my Marino seems ok too.

    What isn’t ok is my Caad12 on the turbo anytime I have to push hard. If I hover my hands up a bit higher it feels better. The front of the bike is already as high as it’s getting with spacers.

    So I’ve been looking for bikes available Frameset only, that aren’t much heavier / similar weight to the caad (broadly 1150grams), but improve on practicality by being bolt on mudguard compatible and have a higher front end / longer headtube. And not biblically expensive.

    That isn’t many bikes – literally just the Ribble pasted below.

    Just thinking of things I’d need to change to fit – should be able to carry over my Di2 and I might get away with cable length too. Handlebars / saddle should be good, and I believe I can get new end caps for my hunt wheels to use bolt through. Stem should fit – but maybe a bike fit is in order to check that.

    Front brake caliper will probably change to a flat mount Hope RX4 to match the rear flat mount I already have (Caad12 had a flat mount frame / post mount fork).

    Bits that I don’t think will fit are the cranks as I have Cannondale Si bb30a compatible cranks with spider rings, and the seat post is 25.4mm which only fits Cannondale. Is there anything else I’m missing that won’t swap over?

    My current bike:

    Any thoughts / ideas welcome!

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    I’d imagine the frameset would come with a seat post as it’s a proprietary item. I’ve just got one and I’m very happy with it. I did have to wait a while to get it but knew that beforehand.

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    I’d be tempted to wait until you can ride on the road before giving up on the dale. I find that the nature of turbo riding means you sit quite still and it’s not reflective of real world riding. The dale might be okay when you’re moving about more.

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    I’m with @cyclistm. Broke my spine and 4 ribs 6 years ago. I’m back riding my 2 road bikes that are ‘race’ set up – had the bikes 30 years, so set up for a 20 year old, and not a 52 year old. Perfectly comfortable now, but I’m missing half my L1.

    Turbos aren’t a reflection when back out on the road. See how you go on when recovered.

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    I mostly use my Caad12 on the turbo these days – but plan to get back commuting once a week and do a bit of occasional group riding with the local tri club (hence the mudguard requirement).

    The last few times I’ve ridden the caad12 up near Lansdown Hill I’ve found the front quite harsh on road surfaces. I have been thinking for a while about moving to a caad13 as they’re meant to be a bit more forgiving and can also take bolt on mudguards. I’ve used clip on ones but the rear has worn the paint off the frame on the inside of the seat stays 🤬

    I’d like to believe my back will sort itself out as long as I stick to my stretching / strengthening exercises and don’t overdue it too much too early.

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