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  • Caad10 – used frame, should I?
  • ds3000

    Been offered a 2011 Caad10 frameset for a very reasonable price (150 quid), great condition and just my size.

    I plan to build up slowly with Chinese carbon wheels and second hand drivetrain off fleabay.

    Any experiences of said frame? A good investment?

    Premier Icon cp

    As long as its not damaged, that’s one .f the best alu road frames going. In fact, one of the best road franrs regardless of material

    It t is a very very good frame. That sounds a great deal. Its a fun ride with nice sharp handling.

    Premier Icon cu dubh

    I’ve got one. Loving it. Tons better than my Allez.


    I’ve got one too, 2012 I think which I picked up 2nd hand at the end of last year.. Really like it.

    Rogan Josh

    Mega frame I’ve got one and it’s one of/the stiffest fastest raciest feeling bike I’ve ridden, and I’m more of a road man than mtb.

    So long as no obvious dents or big dings then yes, they’re great.


    Thanks for the responses, I bought the frame.

    I’ll post up build pics when it arrives, it’s going to be a slow burner though, one major part per pay check.

    Thought about single speeding it, but then thought why get a road bike and limit myself on flats/downhill. So Campag or Shimano?

    SRAM Force if you’re going for a lightweight build. Campag costs loads, Shimano weighs loads.

    Premier Icon cr500dom

    Lovely frame, was considering one before I was swayed by a carbon Cube, still think sometimes I made the wrong decision and should have brought the Caad 10

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