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  • I can’t deny it, I’m lured to CX bikes as an occasional commuter/long range trail scoping device/something for a change. C2W seems a good option to get something under the radar of the missus (“its for work etc etc”).

    But, I know a grand total of zero about CX bikes. The frames, the groupsets, the parts etc – nothing. So for a grand, what is the best kinda thing money can buy? It’d be nice not to spend the full amount and get something for £700 or whatever which might be nearly as good as something at a grand…

    Looking at PlanetX (seems a good place to start for all things deviant), theres this which seems really good VFM vs other stuff I’ve seen:
    But, I like steel.
    So obviously I’ve looked at the Genesis CdF but thats a little over budget. May get a cheap 2014 one under a grand if I shop around… Theres this too:
    Alfine hub kind of appeals…
    Or alloy?
    I really like the look of Genesis bikes…

    I’d be very interested in the Orange RX9 but at 1099 its over budget.

    Any ideas/views? Seen Cotic seem to have stopped their CX bike (is the Escapade the new CX/do-it-all frame?) otherwise that’d have been on the list.


    I opted for the CDF(actually the croix de fer with the 20g lighter but same in every other way frame for the pedants) after a test ride. It’s a bit over budget and mines going to cost a bit more to go to 105 and a few other changes but worth the extra in my opinion for a bike I like the look of. A friend who already has one ( shod with 35 mm marathons) seems quite happy to drop club groups on carbon, suggesting a bit of frame weight may not be the end of the world.

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    Pinnacle Arkose 3

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    Another Pinnacle Arkrose 3 owner here. Search for previous threads

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    Pinnacle Arkose 3

    I don’t have one as I wasn’t doing it on C2W…but if I was…. 🙂

    ron jeremy

    I have just completed my first week commuting on my new Genesis Day One Disc, picked up through C2W, all I can say is wow, it’s fantastic and my commute home is now a lot more fun and slightly longer, roll on the light nights and an even more extended commute….


    I have the Planet X XLS and it really is a fantastic bike. Responsive yet comfortable with good components. Build quality is good too.


    I went for a Boardman CX bike from Halfords, they had 10%off during the start of the TDF last year(they have it most bankholiday’s too) plus I managed to use my Halfords 10% discount from British Cycling as well. This years models are cheaper than last years. I’m very happy with the bike.

    Pinnacle looks ok.

    Genesis Day One Disc would be higher on the list if it were cheaper -£700 for a singlespeed cross bike seems pretty expensive. I’ve got a SS as well and don’t really want another.

    The Boardman I know is pretty good. Might take a closer look at one if I can.

    Anything else I’m missing? Want something that looks a bit understated ideally for commuting stuff…

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