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  • eugeo81

    Houns, I think I may of spotted you in the distance as I climbed up to the 4 stones. Were you wearing a luminous yellow jacket and riding a black framed bike? Thats the only cyclist I spotted up there. I was up there on my inbred. I had a pootle from Stourbridge up past the hill tavern to the 4 stones, then had a pootle around and made my way over towards walton before heading back. Didnt make it to nimmings cafe as I took a home made cheese salad butty and strawberry jelly pot to eat at the summit. Still trying to get used to these spds, only had one fail today! 🙂

    It was a bit hazy and my phone isn’t too good with pics but here is the view from Clent I caught.


    I spent the afternoon bimbling around Cannock and the first time I’ve not had to clean my bike since the summer. Woohoo!

    Rain tomorrow though. Boohoo!


    10am till 4pm for us in glorious sunshine. Short sleeves too – in March in Scotland! Like CG says ‘Feeds the soul’ 😀

    Premier Icon weeksy

    95% dry here, did about 30 miles for dry fast flowing trails… awsome.


    we had an unofficial haldon dry trails enduro, doing all of the cheeky stuff we know of….it was fast and best ride in ages…..
    not looking forward to the rain at all..

    First time at Haldon for me this afternoon, found a few of the trails obviously used for the Enduro, and got a couple of tip offs from some locals. Only counted two small puddles as well, RESULT!

    (some of those enduro trails must have been a laugh in the wet 😉


    Gloriously sunny and warm on the coast chaps, glorious.

    [/url] Untitled by artaylor910, on Flickr[/img]


    Penmachno was dry today! 😀

    SaxonRider – Member
    rogerthecat – Member
    Errr sorry.
    My fault.
    First weekend I can ride for weeks after a hockey injury.
    Are you talking proper hockey, or field hockey?

    Proper hockey, not this dancing on ice in pads & helmets nonsense. 😀


    Well, that was interesting/fun!

    Had to use my head torch on a mix of low & high as there’s something up with my Lumi battery. So, I had that mild paranoia that I was going to be plunged into darkness at any moment. I also had the film Dog Soldiers in my head because of all the deers’ eyes I kept seeing.

    There were some really cold sections – glad I stuck to leggings, rather than shorts.

    Saw loads of deer, rabbits and 2 barn owls which always makes my evening.

    Getting changed in dark car park listening to Jamie Cullum (sp?) on Radio 2 playing assorted jazz was a bit weird.

    All in all a good evening topped off with a large chicken shish. Need to go & empty the car now!

    Oh, and it was pretty much ideal riding conditions, to be honest. Too dry & Thetford is very sandy, so it’s nice when there’s a bit of moisture…

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    super fast dry trails tonight, such a shame it’s all gonna be ruined tomorrow. Such a joy to be warm the whole ride too, still about 8 degrees out there

    A lovely fast evening ride on the mendip. Ah well.

    Premier Icon iainc

    2 hrs of dry and dusty trails at Mugdock tonight with GMBC – best conditions there in a year !


    Still nice and dry up at Farleton Knott earlier, though it started raining on the way home. Cracking ride despite the double puncture on the last descent. 👿

    I was clearly on for a Strava KOM too. 😉

    It’s due to rain for the next few days here but then get nice again next week according to this:

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