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  • Buying my first Garmin,need advice please.
  • Hi,
    im thinking of buying a Garmin EDGE 605 Bike GPS second hand for £100 but ive never had a gps before and want to know if this is the right choice.Is this a fair price or should i get it down more?I mountain bike in the peaks mainly and the odd trail centre so it might get a bit of hammer to be fair as i do take some heavy falls now and again so dont want a expensive one.Is this version easy to use,can i use it with strava,and can i upload off road mountain bike routes and are they easy to follow.thanks

    Uploading routes can be a bit tricky, but I use bikeroutetoaster which works quite well.

    Yes it can do all the other stuff. Check handtec’s prices tho, battery and rubber bits do wear out.

    Andy W

    what ever you get try and get a unit that you can load maps onto , you may not think you need mapping on the unit but I use mine loads following new routes on and off road and the maps make it so much better

    bikeroutetoaster for me also !

    Thanks for advice,can anyone tell me if this is a bargain or not though,and if its fine for mbking.



    Quick search on the forum and you’ll find lots about the 705, 800 and the 501 or 801. 705 is getting old but still very good and you’ll pick up for good money on eBay. If you need maps then it’s the 800 or 801 but if not I’d go for the 500 series. As the 5/801 series are just out you won’t get a bargain and personally I see little to make me upgrade from an earlier model.
    605 – never even looked at it but do a quick search and if there aren’t lots of cyclists here using it then I’d avoid.


    The Edge 605 is identical to the 705, except it doesn’t work with a heart rate monitor/cadence sensor/power meter, and doesn’t have a barometric altimeter. So if you don’t want to use these, its much the same.

    Sportspursuit are doing the Oregon (not bike specific) for C.£200 with UK mapping.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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