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  • scuzz

    I had a nice coffee today that made me happy. What’s the cheapest thing that you’ve bought recently that’s made you the happiest?

    The poster with the best ‘Happiness to Cost ratio’ thing wins a prize*!



    No one wants a prize? You lot upset me.

    Bought some baking ingredients on the way home last night so the #1 son (6yo) could make gingerbread men for school – he made me a special ‘Ninjabread man’ to take to lunch today – complete with bandana, head scarf and a tin foil Ninja sword

    Premier Icon althepal

    Was working tonight without a uniform top on for a bit.. Bearing in mind the weather this made me very happy!
    Edit- can I just say I was wearing a plain white tshirt that we usually have on under our uniform top before anyone thinks I was going for a jog or anything!!

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Strawberry split.


    A fiver for a 5′ by 3′ whiteboard. Absolutely fantastic, love it to pieces.

    Premier Icon nickjb

    I’ve just won a prize and got paid for it. Made me happy 🙂


    continental inner tube to replace the one that had a slow puncture. I had forgot what its like to come to the bike with air still in the tyre. continental inner tubes ooze quality as well.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    A caramel macchiato regularly does a lot for my happiness. They are £3.50 tho so not cheap 🙂


    cheap kids blow-up paddling pool…

    yunki Junior going apeshit was good.. but then in the sweltering heat of the afternoon I slowly lowered my head into the ice cold water as it was filling..

    the strong paddling pool smell and the pure cooling caress transported me instantly to 70s summers of my childhood and in those few moments I shared the exhilaration fully with my 2 year old son..

    you can’t buy that sort of buzz.. (well.. you can for about £5.99 😀 )

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    I’ve been marking exam papers all day

    Twice (out of about 50 so far 🙁 ) I’ve had to sneak a look at the name because they did so well


    Yunki wins as far as I’m concerned! 😀

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    What, beats a ninjabread man ??!!11111 😯

    £60 tank of petrol at 132,7p today.

    But that’s not the happy bit, using it to go home for the weekend tomorrow night it the happy bit.

    But the driving home is not the happy bit, it’s the seeing my girlfriend there 😀


    this but with a tan leather strap

    looks expensive(ish) but is a modified seiko military by Yobokies (seiko boy) from hong kong and was less than £100

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