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  • Buying Euro
  • Conor
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    Heading to France tomorrow. Where is the best place to buy some Euro at short notice. I.e. I’m heading out to lunch soon and need to buy it then…

    Post office? M&S?

    I normally just use my card out there but with the rate my bank uses plus the 2.5% commission it works out at 1:1 rate. Surely I can do better?

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    My local Tesco has a self serving Euro cash machine. Fire in your card, choose the value of currency and it spits out the cash.

    Also, you may need your passport if you’re going to buy currency in the PO, travel agent etc.

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    Be careful if you’re using your card to do it – if it is visa debit (or some other debit cards) banks often charge extra (2.5%ish) for getting euros on it, even if you get them at the bureau de change or post office. I always get out cash from the bank, then change the cash now.

    I found best thing was to walk down the high street look at the rates (using calculator on my phone to work out total rate inc commission). I saved £60 by checking out all the travel agents in our little town.


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    Best rate has always been from travelex website pre-ordered and collect at the airport.

    Either that or just use your card in the cash machine over there.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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