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  • CaptJon

    It is getting to the time of year where university art students will be exhibiting final year projects – check out the local universities and colleges for what is usually some great work.

    Well worth a look, unless you know someone who knows someone, etc. I have some amazing stuff from personal recommendations/family knowledge etc.


    think this has been asked on here before but i cant find it on the search. can anyone recommend some up and coming artists.i m looking for some pointers really as i wont know what i want till i see it. i m after some pieces for a company i work for but this is not really my field so have no idea where to start looking.


    detail of acrylic on canvas 1000mm x 400mm £400

    commissions undertaken

    [EDIT] prices very negotiable.. bike parts an accepted currency

    oh.. and I've just been reliably informed that certain breeds of kitten are accepted too


    I paint in oils on canvas, the last painting I sold was purchased for £2000, I've also sold in Finland & Japan and a couple of collectors have been asking for a viewing. email me if you'd like to see some photos of what I have available at the moment.


    Best advice I can pass on is to buy something cos you like it not in the hope it'll make you money

    I bought a Nikky Corker original a few years ago as I liked it and it looks good on my wall.

    If it goes up in value over the years then great but i'm not depending on it

    KID ACNE and LORD BUNN for me!


    i'm going to get a Di Purser painting when i can afford one, until then, its a trip down to "the range" for cheap canvases and paint…


    I'd imagine it's possibly a good time to buy art, as we're in a recession, and there's less money splashing around for such 'fripperies'. Also might mean that proper art, rather than bollocks conceptual shite , might shine through.

    Second the Uni End of Year Show recommendation. Some right skint students, who'd bite yer hand off for a few quid.

    Buy stuff that you like, though. Because if you can't sell it, you're stuck with it.


    My mate does pretty good paintings, not really my thing but he is good and probably cheap.


    a lot more talented than me, but all of those portraits above scare me for some reason…


    I am working on a series of Graphite Bird Drawings for a solo show early next year. I also work in paint to produce other wildlife and portrait commissions as well as work for local wildlife Charities and Educational projects. If you want to have a look at any of my work, send me an email and I'll forward you some links or photographs.

    If you don't like what I do I may be able to put you in touch with one or two other artists, depending on what you are after.


    flowery bit coming up cut and pasted from my portfolio… apologies in advance.. I've put the interesting willy waving bit in italics

    Spending much of my wayward youth in South West England at a time when a very strong counter culture movement was occurring I experienced a very strong emotional bond with the music and the tribalism of the dance music scene in the area.
    I have likened this experience to my romanticised idealistic visions of music based cultural identity in impoverished communities across the globe and feel that elements of these vibrant cultures have crept subconciously into my own culture and into my paintings.

    Abandoning the spraypaint of my youth I now work predominantly in acrylics on canvas and work very organically in the rough draft stages with a rolling process of slight alterations as the designs grow in a plantlike fashion.
    I produce mainly bold and striking Graffiti influenced abstract works.. using lurid colour and hypnotic shapes as the main themes, and also I make very popular colourful 'banksyesque' portraits on a commission basis.
    I am available now to discuss all comission work and will also wield spraycans for muralwork if required.

    I have exhibited alongside influential graffiti artist Inkie ( Jade Jaggers artist in residence ) and I also sell work through Voetstoots2 Gallery in Teignmouth Devon who have an international stable of artists and enjoy influential clients including some international celebrities.

    I would be happy to discuss your needs and/or supply you with links to other young affordable artists that work in this kind of arena.

    thanks very much


    All of the above but remember to buy art YOU like, not what people tell you is good. I know several people who "invested" in paintings by up and comers that they absolutely hate. If you're going down the investment route, it's high risk and best to shove it in storage immediately. Something on the walls that you don't like but you see every day is surprisingly annoying.

    Premier Icon LeeW

    If you have any line drawings you'd like colouring in I have an extensive collection of wax crayons, felt tip pens and finger paints. Also, (I don't like blowing my own trumpet) It has been said that no one has ever managed to colour inside the lines as well as I have.

    On a more serious note, I love the painting in the link you posted Yunki, I (we're) looking for something for the living room now it's been re-decorated. When I have chance I'll have a proper look.


    Loads of good artists down this way – knowing who might make it big is very tricky. A bit like guessing share prices.

    Our favourite paintings were done by a mate – big A1 canvas oil landscapes in a very contemporary style. Also bought similar from an artist in Italy for a bit of a bargain.

    Mr Nutt – interested in seeing what you do!


    Degree shows are great fun.


    In the OP's position – buying for his company, rather than for himself, perhaps the 'buy what you like' approach doesn't really help. It depends on how much is being spent and how important the work is going to be in terms of where its going to be placed and perhaps the statement is expected to make. If its going to flower up a corner of the staff room thats one thing, but if its going to loom over the reception desk, or frame the director in the board room thats something else. There are some schemes / services / advice around that fit that corporate buying position better, google words like 'art for offices'. Some galleries and dealers have portfolios of work that can be hired as well as bought, so you could have a changing set of works over a period of time, printmaking studios and galleries are particularly well set up for that. If you are looking to decorate with arty looking stuff thats something that is pretty well catered for, buying something with a bit more authenticity takes a bit more care and maybe some expert advice if you don't feel confident enough.

    How involved do you and the company want to get? Echoing the degree-show buying mentioned above some companies set themselves a budget and commit to buy from their local art college every year in the form of a 'purchase prize'. Doing so usually gets them first dibs, they can buy before the hordes decend, gets your name on the wall and a group of you from the company can get together and discuss/ decide what you are buying, so its more involving for you all. Similarly most cities/town/regions will have some kind of annual 'Open' exhibition, a royal-academy-summer-show-esque local all-comers exhibition, again many of these have 'prizes' sponsored by local businesses which are infact a way of those businesses to buy work for their wall every year, but again a bunch of you can get together to make the choice, you get to make your choice before anyone else buys and you get a press release and a photo out of it too. Your local council's arts development officer should be able to point you towards any annual open exhibitions.

    But in the end, even if you have organise it, try to get a gang together to make the actual choices


    skidartist – Art buying buy committee (or something that everyone will like) is always a bit crappy. My last workplace spent 50k on art. The only thing they achieved was to get stuff that nobody liked. The office manager went out and bought a load of cheaper paintings she liked, and even though there were some complaints, it worked out a lot better.


    where abouts are you Lee?

    If you can't arrange a viewing in person I can always send you higher resolution photos..
    My email is in my profile.. get in touch any time mate

    Premier Icon Carbis

    I noticed that most people on here have suggested paintings/drawings but sculpture can be better for a corporate setting, particulaly as the focal point for a foyer or at the main entrance to a building.

    Is the aim to brighten up the buildings, support upcoming artists, investment, provide decoration for management offices or to provide a strong focal point to a main building.

    Care needs to be taken over the location and how the works of art will fit in. Budget and number of works you are hoping to get for the money would help.

    Premier Icon DaRC_L

    It all depends why you're buying – if you're darn sarf then the Brighton Festival open houses are good to visit

    Sadly our tastes run in excess of the credit card and I've got bike bits to buy.

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