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  • Buying a used frame from Ebay America?
  • CrispyCSW

    Anyone done this before? What should I be aware of? What hidden costs are there (taxes / duty etc).

    Also, how much will it cost to ship and who would you recommend using? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm nervous that what looks like a good deal will end up costing me way more than I'm planning 😯


    If customs intercept it you can really expect to pay another 30% or so

    If the seller reduces the paper value to avoid customs charges you will pay less but make sure you don't go too far & tell them not to include any paperwork in the box that reflects the real price
    If it goes AWOL in transit – insurance will only [obviously] cover the declared value

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    Did it last year- on a frame RRP £1250 over here, secondhand with Ti spring for £600 all in.

    Taxes/fees of about 20-25% on a frame.

    I emailed the seller and got them to increase postage costs/reduce item cost on ebay, and mark customs for a bit less.

    Plan for the worse case scenario- take total price (including shipping) and add 25%. If its still a good deal, go for it

    You will be charged import tax on the purchase price AND the cost of shipping. You are then charge 17.5% VAT on the Purchase price + shipping + import tax.

    It was 4.7% on frames and components and 14% on full bikes.

    So it will be:

    (purchase price + Shipping ) x 4.7% import tax + VAT on all of this.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Do you really pay VAT on secondhand imported products?

    Yup even on second hand goods, and they charge you it on the total value of the purchase price + shipping + import tax.

    Thats right they tax you on the tax…

    Gotta love those f*ckers in downing st.


    Thanks everyone, maybe not quite the bargain I was hoping it would be, but could still work out to be a good deal.


    You shouldn't have to pay VAT on secondhand goods.

    b r

    You shouldn't have to pay VAT on secondhand goods

    You do if they were sold without VAT in the first place, e.g. commercial vehicles and/or goods sold in foreign countries.


    Done it, frameset for £700. No probs, no tax etc.



    My seller didn't include any eBay related paperwork and marked the box 'second hand bike frame – gift'. No problems at all, although it clearly got opened at customs.


    Warranty replacement straight from Niner Bikes, marked as so, and .99c value

    Free to my door


    I got a brand new Banshee Pyre with an RP23 for £500 delivered from Canada, RRP about £1300.


    I recently (this monday) got a guitar from the states and the guy filled the declaration form in with such bad hand writing the value looked like $105 instead of $1105! Customs opened the box and made an educated guess that it was worth more. It was held until I could produce a receipt showing the correct value of the item so the correct tax could be paid! It was only because the item was tracked I knew it was being held as the letter had got held up with all the postal problems, and you only have 14 days to pay or they return to sender and charge you for the pleasure! I would be very careful about putting down such a low value for such a large item, the custom guys aren't stupid! If they see a massive box with the value of $1 on it they will soon open it!
    Also if the frame gets damaged the sender won't be able to claim for value of the item.
    Best thing to do is work out the worst possible cost and if it's still worth it go for it, if it slips through the net your be quids in!

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