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  • Buyers Guide: Lightweight Gloves
  • singletrackkane
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    Sweaty palms are never good – we check out a range of lightweight glove offerings.

    By singletrackkane

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    Buyers Guide: Lightweight Gloves

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    Sod lightweight gloves, why don’t more manufacturers do ones with decent finger and knuckle protection? There were loads to choose from a few years ago, now they all seem to have gone ultra minimalist.

    A lot of the trails I’ve ridden lately are disappearing under brambles, nettles and bracken, and gloves the thickness of tissue paper aren’t helping the comfort situation at all.

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    Intersting.. I’m not even going to consider any glove where the leather palm doesn’t extend around the tip of the fingers, so POC wins by default… There are always sales on so £42 can be beaten.

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    On Madison’s Alpine gloves, the palm suede does wrap right around the finger tips on the index & middle finger so no issues with bursting the seams. Silicon gripper all round too for braking.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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