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  • Butchered splines on SRAM GX cassette (XD)
  • Premier Icon charliemort

    Tool slipped and knackered a couple of splines, so can’t get the tool in properly to get cassette off. Cassette is on okay so worst case is I’ll have to bin the freehub when it comes to replace

    Anyone got any brainwaves about how I may get the tool in?



    How deep did the tool fit into the splines?

    You might be able to file/bend the knackered splines and tap a longer tool in? My older one was only about 4mm but found another on ebay that fits about 8mm in.

    Mine was a pain to remove last week and had to resort to securing the spline tool in a vice and pull the chain whip with one leg pushing on the workbench.

    Premier Icon vincienup

    Pretty sure I recall discussions from when XD was new that you really need the longer splined tools for safety, not much use now 😕

    Knocking a longer tool in might work, but if it’s secure and on straight it might be better to leave it until it’s change time just in case you end up with knackered cassette and FH…

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I’ve done same on my b plus rear wheel, so I feel your pain

    I expect to get years of use out of the GX cassette based on how often it’s dry enough to ride the chubby wheels, so could have been worse.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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