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  • Premier Icon BigJohn

    Never mind bikes, have you seen the price of windsurf boards? Especially the RRD Firemove LTD I’ve got my eye on. And you NEED about 3, minimum, plus booms, masts, 6 sails…


    A timely thread….

    I cleared the garage out a few weeks ago and set up the new stands I’d bought (Willworx / Superstands – recommended) for the bikes. To do this properly I took the bikes out of the garage….Oops! “Why do you need that many…”. Pointing out that one of them is hers didn’t help as she’s not ridden in years.

    The kids have bikes as well and this weekend I mentioned I’d be “popping out” to pick up a couple more (secondhand) bikes for the kids as they move up a size. For the next month or so, until we sell off a balance bike and a 12″ wheeled bike, we’ll have 9 in total….


    MY Answer is always not enough, I even informed her my next move was to get a motor bike again I Fully expected a dont you dare after the last one caused quite a commotion and left one of our freinds in hospital for some time. But her replie was as long as I lendgive her the money to get a tattoo. I said ok went to the tattoo parlour, im now down £100 and have no bike to show for it

    Premier Icon ratherbeintobago

    There was a story on one of the other forums by a bloke who’d bought an black & white Pinarello so it would match his other bikes, only to be rumbled when his wife said “oh look – there’s a Pinarello – you don’t have one of those”

    “Yes, I do…”


    women, amirite


    Ha! ATM I have 3 bikes, my HUSBAND has 0! Mind you the kids between them have 12…


    We were going out for a ride, she asked me to get her bike out for her and when I asked “which one” she discovered she’d forgotten she had two.

    So I’m sure I can manage to forget how many I have if there’s ever an awkward moment.

    Premier Icon mboy

    A friend of mine keeps his new bike in the back of his works van. It never leaves the back of the van when the van is at home as funnily enough, why would she go in there…?

    It’s fair to say that having met her, he does what he’s told when he’s told, and that an unapproved new bike purchase would mean a likely divorce!

    Also goes some way to explaining why he’s so bloody quick on a bike, as he’s always got to be home by a pre-approved time from any ride!

    Premier Icon boriselbrus

    Wasn’t it Brant in the early On-One days who when you placed an order for a bike would send you a letter saying “Congratulations, you have won a bike. Just tell us what size and we’ll send it to you”. You showed it to your wife and he sent you the bike. Win!

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    I’m not sure it was standard practice, but yeah, I heard about that.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Does ctbm offer this? I have my eye on one of those slack 29r frames….

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Bike consolidation saw me saying bye to an Enduro and a Ti hardtail for one Blur. It also saw me saying bye to my Hybrid and my Allez and saying hi to a Croix de Fer.

    2 bikes!

    That lasted a few months and recently, I’ve bought a cheapo road bike (£200 from Halfords) for Turbo duties and a full on DH bike for uplift days.

    Mrs coolhandluke just accepts it as long as I pay.

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    My missus thinks n=5 at present, she’s wrong of course, it’s currently a transitional 7, plus three more frames…

    I don’t think she even notices the different paint jobs anymore, the variety of paint schemes acts as it’s own sort of camouflage…

    Premier Icon JoeG

    rscott – how about this tattoo? 😉

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